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Saturday 24th of December 2005 09:14:51 AM
Common Punjabi Phrases: I'm looking to learn some common phrases so I can do basic conversations with some friends and their families. I already am familiar with Hello, how are you, did you like the tea... but would like to continue to learn more. Any suggestions or anyone out there that can help me out? I'd like to surprise all my punjabi friends

Wednesday 22nd of February 2006 04:54:24 PM
What else you wish to convey to your Punjabi friends ? Let me know.

Saturday 01st of July 2006 08:45:41 PM
Here you go!: I am also wanting to learn and replying to all threads hoping some people are still watching these forums and might be able to tell me how they managed to learn or if they have any suggestions.

Someone else posted these in another thread and I saved them in notepad, so I will pass them along...

Punjabi Phrases

Punjabi (India) [greeting used by Sikhs] Sat siri akal
Punjabi (Pakistan, India) [by Sikhs] Sat sri akal
Punjabi (Pakistan, India) [by Sikhs] Sat sri akal je
Punjabi (Pakistan, India) [by Muslims] Asslaam alaikam
Punjabi (Pakistan, India) [reply] Vaalaikam asslaam
Punjabi (Pakistan, India) [by Hindus] Namaste

Punjabi (India) Sushri akal
Punjabi (India) Ji ayan nun
Punjabi (India) Ji aian nu

What is your name?

Punjabi (India) [formal] Tuhaadaa hai naam kee?
Punjabi (India) [formal] Tuhaadaa kee naam hai?
Punjabi (India) [formal] Jee tuhaadaa naam?
Punjabi (India) [informal] Naan e kee teraa?
Punjabi (India) [informal] Teraa kee naan e?
Punjabi (India) [informal] Tuwada naan kee hai?

My name is............
Punjabi (India) Mayra naan..........hai.
Punjabi (India) Mera na............hai.

Punjabi (India) Han ji
Punjabi (India) Ha ji

Punjabi (India) Naheen
Punjabi (India) Nahi

How are you?
Punjabi (India) [formal] = Tuhaadaa kee haal hai jee?
Punjabi (India) [informal] = Toon kiven hain?
Punjabi (India) [informal] = Teraa kee haal hai?
Punjabi (India) = Kee haal chaal hai?
Punjabi (India) = Kee haal hai?
Punjabi (India) = Kee ale?
Punjabi (India) [colloquial] = Kiddaan?

I am fine
Punjabi (India) [I'm fine] = Meraa haal theek hai
Punjabi (India) [fine; informal] = Theeke
Punjabi (India) [fine; formal] = Tuhaadee kirpaa hai
Punjabi (India) [fine; formal] = Vaahiguroo daa shukar hai
Punjabi (India) [fine, thank you; formal] = Dhannvaad meraa haal theek hai

Punjabi (India) Merhebani kerke

Good bye
Punjabi (India) Sat siri akal
Punjabi (India) [see you again] Fir milaan ge
Punjabi (India) [informal] Alweda
Punjabi (India) [used by Sikhs] Rabb raakhaa
Punjabi (India) [used by Sikhs] Wah guru ji ki fateh
Punjabi (India) [used by Hindus] Bandagí
Punjabi (India) [Muslims and Christians] Salám
Punjabi (India) [used by Muslims] Khudaa haafiz

I do not understand
Punjabi (India, Pakistan) Mehnu samajh nehi ahndi

Do you speak English?
Punjabi (India) Tuhaanuu angrezi aandii hai?

I love you.
Mai taunu piyar karna (male to female)
Mai taunu piyar kardi (female to male)
Mai tainu pyar karda haan (male to female)
Mai tainu pyar kardi haan (female to male)

Mujhe tumse muhabbat hai.

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Friday 16th of February 2007 03:52:04 AM
Common Punjabi Phrases: Hi. I've just started dance classes (last night) and would like to thank my teacher Keni after the next class. She has said her language is Punjabi but I don't know more details (India or Pakistan, etc). Of course her English is excellent!! I just want to be polite - any suggestions please?

Friday 16th of February 2007 03:54:09 AM
Common Punjabi Phrases: Forgot to say I live in Australia - am still trying to get the hang of this message board! Thanks for your help!

Sunday 02nd of December 2007 09:51:19 AM
I would like to learn how to say \"How do you say that in Punjabi.: The first phrase I learned in Spanish was "I am sorry I don't speak Spanish"; unfortuantely, my accent was perfect; consequently, they didn't believe me. My second phrase was "How would I say this in Spanish" and after about twenty times I learned a new word or phrase. When I stopped speaking Spanish, I would think in Spanish and have difficulty understanding English if I were in the middle of a conversation in Spanish. I figure it might work for Punjabi as well.

Friday 15th of February 2008 06:55:52 PM
punjabi for you good luck: English-Punjabi
I Main
He Oh
She Oh
You Tu, tusi
It Eh
This Ah
That Oh
A Ik
Come(you come) Aa ja
Came Ayea
Will come Aooga
Open(to open) Khollna
Opened Kholliya
Will open Kholluga
Sit(to sit) Baithna
Walk(to walk) Tuurna
Eat(to eat) Khana
Drink Pinna
Win Jittna
Go Janna
Run Bhujjna
I go Main jaanda haan
He goes Oh jaanda hai
He eats an apple Oh ik seb khanda hai
He is eating an apple Oh ik seb kha reha hai
He ate an apple Usne ik seb khadha
I saw the film last week Main pichhle hafte ik film wekhi
She came by bus yesterday Oh kal bus ton aai
They went to the mosque Oh masjad gaie
He slept the whole night Oh saari rat sutta reha
He wrote well in the examination Usne paper wich changa likheya
He has eaten Usne kha liya hai
He had eaten Usne kha liya si
He had gone Oh chal giya si
He had come Oh a gaya si
He will eat Oh kha lawega
He will go Oh chala jawega
He will come Oh aa jayeega
What is your name? Tuhada naan ki hai?
What Kee
Is Hai
Your Tuhadaa
Name Naan
What did you do? Tussi ki kitta?
What should I do? Tuhanu ki karna chaida hai?
What can I do? Main ki kar sakda haan?
What are the questions? Swaal ki hann?
What were the questions? Swaal ki sann?
What is the last question? Akhri swaal ki si?
What is written in the letter? Chittthi wich ki likheya hai?
What you had been told? Tuhannu ki dasseya gaya si?
What will be the answer? Jawaab ki howega?
Why did you come? Tussi kyon aaye?
Why did you sleep? Tussi soun kyon gayye?
Why did you tell him to go? Tussi usnu jaan layee kyon keha?
Why did he bring the bag? Oh bag jhola kyon lai ke ayaa?
Why did she pay the money? Usne paise kyon ditte?
Why did they sit there? Oh utthe kyon baitthe?
Why do you drive the car? Tussi kyon car challande ho?
Why are they late for the meeting? Oh mulaqat lai late kyon hann?
How did you come? Tussi kiwein aaye?
How did you sleep? Tussi kiwein soye?
How did you drive? Tussi kidda chlayee?
How did you write? Tussi kidda likhyea?
How many did you take? Tussi kinne laye?
How much did he pay you? Usne tuhanu kinna ditta?
How much distance to go? Hor kinni door hai?
How was the journey yesterday? Kal da safar kiddan da si?
Which way did you come? Tussi kis raste ton aye?
Which is your favourite colour? Tuhadda pasandida rang kehra hai?
In which room did you sleep? Tussi kis kamre which sutte si?
Which story did you tell? Tussi kehri kahani sunai?
Which is the sweetest fruit? Sab ton mittha phal kehra hai?
Which is the best newspaper in Hindi? Hindi da sabh ton wadhiya paper kehra hai?
Which Indian state has the largest population? Kehre bharti raj di jansankhya sabh ton jyyaada hai?
Where did you come from? Tussi kithhon aye?
Where did you sleep? Tussi kithhe sutte?
Where is the manager’s cabin? Manager da cabin kitthe hai?
Where should I go? Mainu kitthe jana chaida hai?
Whom should I contact? Mainu kinnu contact karna chaida hai?
Is it a book? Ki eh kitaab hai?
It is a book Eh kittab hai.
Is it the answer? Ki eh jawaab hai?
It is the answer. Eh jawaab hai.
Will you come with me? Ki tussi mere naal aaoge?
I shall come with you. Main tuahaade naal awanga.
Will you give me your pen? Ki tussi mainu pen dewoge?
Yes, of course. Haan bilkul.
Do you love me? Ki tussi mainu pyaar karde ho?
Yes, I love you. Haan main tuhaanu pyaar karda haan
Can you give me your pen? Ki tussi mainu appna pen dewoge?
Can you lift the box? Ki tussi dibba chakk dewoge?
Can you write the exam? Ki tusssi prikhya dewoge?
Did you have your lunch? Ki tussi apna khana le leya hai?
How are you? Tussi kiwen ho?
I am fine Main theek haan.

Friday 15th of February 2008 06:59:05 PM
I would like to learn how to say "How do you say that in Punjabi.

we can say this as follows in punjabi

Punjai == Main sikhna chavanga

Monday 15th of June 2009 02:04:45 PM
In Punjabi, you can say the same in several ways...

"Mai tennu pyaar kardi aan/haan" (informal, female speaker )
"Mai tennu pyaar karda aan/haan" (informal, male speaker)

"Mai tuhanu/taunu pyaar kardi aan/haan (polite,female speaker)
"Mai tuhanu/taunu pyaar karda aan/haan (polite,male speaker)

"Mai tere naal pyaar kardi aan/haan" (informal, female speaker)
"Mai tere naal pyaar karda aan/haan (informal , male speaker)

"Mai tuhadde naal pyaar kardi aan/haan" (polite , female speaker)
"Mai tuhadde naal pyaar karda aan/haan" (polite , male speaker)

"Mainu tere naal pyaar hai" (informal , unisex)
"Mainu tuhadde naal pyaar hai" (polite , unisex)

*Note that the spelling of words is not very important in Roman script Punjabi(as long as you have an idea of how the words are pronounced) so different speakers can spell words differently as per their preference. so it can be pyaar/pyar , aan/haan/ha/han , tenu/tennu , mai/main/mein , mainu/mennu. , tuhanu/taunu/tuhannu , tuhadde/taude, hai/ae/heh . You can replace what I've written with any of these. You can even find 'aa' instead of hai as per certain dialectical speak, but don't use 'aa' instead of 'hai' unless the person who you talk to uses it.

Anyway regardless of what you choose you will be understood . Well since you'll be saying i love you , you would want to choose the informal form. However punjabi speakers usually would want to say respectful forms at times, that's how the culture is, so it's ok if sometimes you use the politel forms even when talking to a loved one. You can even append the word 'ji' at the end of the polite form to make it sound good and really nice and respectful. Often punjabi speakers append stuff with 'ji'

And you can choose any of the aforementioned ways I wrote to convey the same(of course take care so that it's a female speaker form and informal/formal to your preference , unisex forms will do just as good as well) . All are acceptable and in use by punjabi speakers worldwide.


Tuesday 16th of June 2009 01:31:55 AM
hun daas! (what u say now?)
dekhya na! (see!!)
taino taan main kaya see! ( i told u!)
Kar lay jo karna aye! (Do whatever you like)
kee takleef ayee? (whats bothering u?)
sar na kha mera (dont bother me)
ki gal hai (wow)
mehar bani (thank you)
tera pati tenu de ga )your husband will give u )
meri jaan ho tusi ji (you are my life
sat sri akal(welcome)
bas kar(stop it)
badi sohni lag rahi hain (smart)
patni (wife)
mery vohti(luv ya)
chup karo ji (keep quite)
wadiya ji apna sunao (i am good and you?)
chuk de phattayy (keep it on)
saadi khushi (my pleasure)

Saturday 20th of June 2009 07:55:42 PM
English Phrase : Punjabi Phrases

Hi or Hello Sat sri akaal
Please Please
Thank You Shukriya
Yes Aaho
No Nayi
Where can I find Aa kithey milega
I want water Manoo pani chayida
I want a ticket Manoo ticket chayidiye
Where is the toilet Bathroom kithey haga
I am from Australia Main Australia to aaya hagan
Are you open tomorrow Kaal tussi kholey ho?
Is this very far Aa bootdoor hagaye?
How much is this Aa Kinney da haga?
This is too expensive Aa tey boot mehnga haga hai
Make this price less Thodi edi kimet ghatao
How are you? Ki haal nay?
Sorry Mauf karna
Please Pleez
Ok Theek hai
What? Ki?
Where Kithey?
How? Kiddan?
When? Kaadon
Who? Kaun?
Why? Kyon?
What is the price? Aa Kinney da haga?
I don't understand Meri smajhich nahi aanda
Tell me the way please Jara rasta dasna
What is your name? Tyoda na ki haga?
My name is Mera naa haga …
Right Sajjey
Left Khabbey


In English : In Punjabi

One Ik
Two Do
Three Tin
Four Chaar
Five Panj
Six Chey
Seven Sat
Eight Aath
Nine Naun
Ten Das
One hundred Sau
Two hundred Do sau

Saturday 20th of June 2009 10:31:13 PM
Good Work lolja :)
even though you are learning you are doing quite well, keep it up :)

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