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Monday 24th of September 2007 09:05:33 AM
Constructing Sentences in Romanian: Have I missed it somehow, or is there already a thread here somewhere that explains just how the words are put together to make coherent sentences in Romanian?

I see some places where people write sentences but what are the principles that guide them in putting the words in the best order to say something that someone else can understand?

To me it looks kind of random...and what determines where that 'o' goes in a sentence like "Eu am o pisic? alb?" or why 'au' is where it is in "Bunicii mei au un cal negru" from the sentence writing thread?

In fact I haven't really been able to find information about this kind of thing (and btw, is it possible to diagram Romanian sentences in a subject-verb w/parts of speech way like one can in English?) anywhere I've looked yet....or do I just not understand what I'm seeing?

I'm learning lots of words and conjugations and genders but I don't really understand how it all works together to form sentences and paragraphs when it isn't already done for me in exercise form.

Help, someone? Thanks.

Sunday 07th of October 2007 12:04:43 AM

zeering, we are going to use your thread;)

It is very hard to give an answer because Romanian language has no fixed rule regarding the sentences construction(easy and complicate)

I'll try, we have a relative order here, though!



Example :

Copilul frumos alearg? repede. / The beautiful child run fast.

1. copilul(the child) - subiect
2. frumos(beautiful) - atribut
3. alearg?(run) - predicat
4. repede(fast) - complement


* Unlike English, we can put the adjective after or before the substantive.

"copilul frumos alearg? repede"
"frumosul copil alearg? repede"


"o" - numeral or indefinite article?


Eu am o pisic? alb?. / I have a white cat.

1. If, "I have a/one cat"

In this example is a numeral only if the speaker has in mind the distinction between one, two, three...

I have a white cat/Eu am o pisic?
I have two cats/ Eu am dou? pisici

2. If, on the other hand, the speaker has in mind the difference between a cat as opposed to the plural "some cats - ni?te pisici", then "o" is the indefinite article.

pisic? - cat
pisici - cats
pisica - the cat, o pisic? - the cat
pisicile - the cats, ni?te pisici - some cats
:)(celebrate with a smile - part of exercise)

Check the lesson "The indefinite and definite articles" and practice the rules in the game(exercise) "Romanian Game 1"

"un" - a numeral or article?


Bunicii mei au un cal. / My grandparents have a horse

The same rule applies for "un"(like for "o")

cal - horse
cai - horses
calul - the horse, un cal - a horse
caii - the horses, ni?te cai - some horses


Bunicii mei au un cal.

"au" - the form of the verb "to have" in the third person plural.

Eu am un cal / I have a horse
Tu ai un cal / You have a horse
El/Ea are un cal / He/she has a horse
Noi avem un cal / We have a horse
Voi ave?i un cal / You have a horse
Ei/Ele au un cal / They have a horse

Check the lesson - "to be" and the personal pronouns;the verb "to have" -

I'm sure you'll be able soon to fix all your information about Romanian language, you just need to practice what you have learned and ask:D, of course, when something is not clear!

see you in the forum,


Sunday 07th of October 2007 06:37:06 AM
Wow, that was a very interesting, informative, and helpful post, Lina. Thanks, it really cleared up some things for me; quite enlightening now that I see both the similarities, and the key difference, when comparing the two optional forms:

"copilul frumos alearg? repede"
"frumosul copil alearg? repede"

...with each other.

Also, I finally got a copy of "Colloquial Romanian," by Ramona Gonczo-Davies & Dennis Deletant. I know some reviewers are critical of certain aspects of the book, but it has been ENORMOUSLY helpful to me in understanding how all the articles etc fit into everyday Romanian sentence structure.

Additionally, there are numerous instructive model dialogues in the book, however my copy (from the library) does not include the audio CD; and I really want to hear these things pronounced by native speakers.

So, a copy of the book WITH the CD is next on my list.

Monday 08th of October 2007 12:58:08 AM

You are right, it was necessary to explain this important grammar issue.

If you find the dialogues from this book interesting, you can share them with us. It could be useful for everybody.

Thursday 08th of November 2007 01:24:13 AM
I just got a new copy of the book, with the CDs (now I can hear all of the dialogues used in the book spoken aloud, this should lead to a tremendous, even quantum leap, improvement in my meager skills with the Romanian language and how of these parts of grammar fit together) and will soon be hard at work digesting all of this fresh info.

I am sure it will be a huge boon to my learning sessions and of course I will some of the dialogue examples as soon as I can (been quite busy with work of late).

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