Romanian Help With Translating... I Would Be Very Appreciative If Someone Could Translate A Few Words! Thanks!

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Tuesday 18th of September 2007 10:16:10 AM
Help with translating...: Hi! How are you all doing? (Great I hope! :) )

You see I’m working on making a picture book for a friend of mine’s daughter (they live in Romania) and I thought it might be nice to put the Romanian equivalent next to the bold English words. So I was wondering if someone here could translate a few words (about 11) for the book? I would be very appreciative!

Thanks! ...and I hope you have a Great Day!
Smiles, Dovid

The words I need translated are the ones that are in bold. Thanks A Lot!

First they left the mountains.

Then they walked down the road to Deva.

Then they went to the post-office.

After the post-office they went by truck to Bucuresti.

Then they went to the airport.

Together they flew on a plane.

They landed at another very big airport.

In a big city called New York City!

Then they rode with the mail-person in the mail-truck.

…All the way to their new home!

What a long way to travel!

(If your wondering my friend sent me a gnome, and I decided to make a picture book for my friends little girl on how the gnome came to America. :) )

(Four Score and Seven Years Ago, That's when I last logged in! ;) )

Tuesday 18th of September 2007 07:11:55 PM
munti, drum, birou postal, camion, aeroport, avion, mare, oras, camion postal, casa, a calatori.
I hope that helped!

Tuesday 18th of September 2007 11:15:18 PM
Yes that helps a lot! Thanks!
I think that answers all my questions, but I should double check to be sure...

Ah ha, I knew there was one more hiding! lol ...Can you tell me what the difference between Camion Po?tal, Furgon Po?tal and Furgonet? Po?tal? is?

Thanks Again!


Sunday 23rd of September 2007 05:12:42 PM

Hi SweetKisser,

You should know the difference between a truck (camion) and a van (furgoneta)! Furgon and furgoneta is the same thing.

Since you are a fairy tales collector, why don't you share us one of your favorite fairytale? I'll tell you a Romanian fairytale (basm) for your collections:)

All the best/Toate cele bune,


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