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Tuesday 29th of November 2005 08:37:47 PM
Romanian audio: In this thread we are going to try to provide sound files for you to practice your listening skills. Thank you Spilka for giving us the "final push" to get this going. :p

The hosting solution is rather temporary so, if a file happens to become unavailable and you want it, please PM me or Delia.

As Delia already mentioned in another thread, any native speaker who would like to make a contribution, please do so! :)

One more thing before we get to work: your feedback is absolutely instrumental in the development of this thread. We cannot know what interests you or what works/doesn't do the trick for you unless you tell us. Therefore, please, make suggestions, comments, complaints about...whatever you can think of (too difficult, too easy, spoken too fast, spoken too slow, uninteresting topic, etc...). There is no point in making these unless they are going to be useful.

That being said, here is the first recording. It's a short dialogue.
Dialogue no 1

For the time being, I'm not going to provide a transcript; mainly because I was thinking of using it: there is no need to try and get every single word but maybe you'd like tell us where do you think this type of conversation would take place, what are the 2 persons involved talking about and so on.
It's your time to get creative now and suggest more ways of using it. :D Post them here or, if you have any questions or answers to questions, please PM me or Delia.

OK, enjoy and don't forget about the feedback thing! We're still waiting for suggestions about what other materials you'd like to hear.

Wednesday 30th of November 2005 03:29:16 PM
Great!!! Thanks! I wish all the receptionists to be so willing and patient! :D
It's not good idea to write hear the transcription, so I'll PM it.
Thanks again. I'm looking forward to next recording.

Thursday 01st of December 2005 06:38:32 AM
Awesome!! This'll help out a lot of people.. even me, I still need to get use to hearing romanian. I know what the setting is of this conversation is, and I understand it. I'll leave it up to someone else to figure it out.

Tuesday 06th of December 2005 03:27:01 AM
Wow! I need to concentrate very hard just to understand a few words. I'll send via PM what I think it's about and what I understand, but I need to listen to it a few more times.

Romanian is indeed a beautiful language. Thanks for this good idea, it will help out for sure.

Sunday 11th of December 2005 08:55:08 AM
After an admittedly long absence (sorry), Romanian audio is back.
This one is a little more difficult (and longer :D) than the previous, as I've been told it might be useful. But I will come up with a sequel for the beginners also, OK.

Dialogue no 2

*doubting whether she should post the transcript here too* What do you think?

Tuesday 13th of December 2005 06:33:14 AM
I understood most of the first one. But I wouldn't mind if it was a bit slower. But thanks Lore! :)

Wednesday 14th of December 2005 11:33:08 PM
I don't know if i am hard of hearing or just inattentive, but these words I hear so:

felicitări -> [felicităi], instead of "r" I hear "i"
nu-i aşa -> [ne aşa], instead of "u-i" I hear "e" cānd nu ne-am mai... -> [...dek-n-n-mai...] , was spoken so fast that I can't imagine how even native speakers can understand it

Thursday 15th of December 2005 07:11:38 AM
Mersi Lore, pentru la audio! Dar, gāndesc că e dificil a urma. Poate sunt chiar nu obişnuit să auzind e. :(

oricum, good job lore! :)

Thursday 15th of December 2005 09:13:40 PM
great audio ! thanks a big lot, Lorelai ! you give us practice which we could hardly find anywhere else (not being in Romania %)

some parts are pretty fast to be understood from the first time by non-natives. but understandable, after all %)

i do believe Lorelai can speak much faster, without posing a problem for native speakers %)

btw itd be pretty interesting, to see, if we can understand a word at the maximum of Lorelai's speed %)

Sunday 18th of December 2005 01:55:51 AM
I'm glad you found the recordings somewhat useful, you guys. :)
Lol, I interact with a fair number of Romanian speakers on a daily basis and they don“t seem to have a particularly hard time understanding me. :D
But the point is taken and I promise to record the next one as many times as it takes to get it to a decent speed.
My maximum speed...loool..let's save this for a while. :p But, as a matter of fact, I don't actually talk so fast...I have friend who do it muuuuch faster. When the time comes, maybe I'll ask one of them to record a file, ok. :p

Sunday 18th of December 2005 08:04:33 AM
haha, noroc lore! N-e tārziu acolo?!

Sunday 18th of December 2005 10:09:11 PM
Lol, hey Josh! If we're talking about last night (or rather this morning :D) it was indeed late but this hadn't been known to stop me from being on PB. :p

Originally posted by Joshua
haha, noroc lore! Nu e/nu-i tārziu acolo?!

Sunday 18th of December 2005 11:18:00 PM
oh hehe. :P well, you're offline now. i think it's around 6:18pm there, while it's only 11:19am here. haha. i hope you're not off for the remainder of tonight. :(


Monday 19th of December 2005 12:53:56 AM
As promised, here's the next dialogue, this time targeted at our beginner members.
I did try to pace myself this time (and hopefully suceeded to some degree, too :D) so let me know if the rhythm is all right.

Also, I'm going to post here the transcript also, as this seems to be the will of the majority (though nobody spoke up :p). I'll edit this post to add a translation in a couple of days.

OK, here's the audio file:
Dialogue no 3

and here's the transcript:

- Bună ziua! Nu vă supăraţi, locul acesta este ocupat?
- Nu, e liber. Luaţi loc!
- Mulţumesc. Numele meu este Daniel Herberg.
- Īmi pare foarte bine de cunoştinţa, Daniel. Eu sunt Maria. Maria Ionescu. Nu eşti din Romānia, nu-i aşa?
- Nu, nu sunt romān. Sunt neamţ. Sunt din Germania.
- Ce eşti de profesie, Daniel?
- Sunt medic, lucrez īntr-un spital
- Oh, interesant. Soţia ta este tot medic?
- Nu, nu sunt căsătorit. Dar tu, Maria, ce profesie ai?
- Eu sunt studentă. Am 22 de ani şi studiez Dreptul. Tu cāţi ani ai?
- Am 25 de ani. Locuieşti īn Bucureşti?
- Studiez īn Bucureşti īnsă părinţii mei locuiesc la Timişoara.
- Mi-a făcut plăcere să te cunosc, Daniel.
- Şi mie la fel, Maria. Sper să ne revedem!

You already know the drill...suggestions, complaints, feedback always welcomed. :)

Monday 19th of December 2005 01:22:16 AM

I could understand this way more!

Wednesday 04th of January 2006 06:47:40 AM
Keep em coming. :D This is great practice for my romanian comprehension, I need this. :) Thanks for taking time to do this Lorelai, īţi mulţumesc foarte mult. I'm practicing without looking at the dialogues. So far so good.

Saturday 04th of March 2006 06:54:10 PM
I found an audio sample for advanced learners. Moreover,it's about Romania as a country seen from outside. It's a radio emission and it's pretty long (25min). You can hear different accents, people from different regions talking.

I'm sorry I don't have the written format.

I'm expecting feedbacks.

Here's the link:
(Romānia īn direct - Despre brandul de ţarăin light green)

Saturday 04th of March 2006 06:55:43 PM
I found an audio sample for advanced learners. Moreover,it's about Romania as a country seen from outside. It's a radio emission and it's pretty long (25min). You can hear different accents, people from different regions talking.

I'm sorry I don't have the written format.

I'm expecting feedbacks.

Here's the link:
(Romānia īn direct - Despre brandul de ţarăin light green)

Monday 06th of March 2006 10:54:24 AM
I tried downloading the first two dialogues, and the first one is corrupt, and the second one's link doesn't work. The third one seems to be fine.

Monday 06th of March 2006 03:12:03 PM
I don't know what's going on, maybe you can PM Lorelai and ask her to send you the first 2 dialogues or to fix the links.

Saturday 21st of October 2006 07:51:47 PM
sorry im responding to a post that looks like it hasn't been updated in several monthes but i just started getting back into romanian (personal stuff kept me away). anyway, i just got the first one, the second one is a broken link and i got the 3rd. im listening to the first one and while i pick up alot of the words, i have yet to be able to make a complete sentence out of the whole conversation. i will say though that she sounds alot better then i do when i say it :P. course up till i heard this recording, i was saying everything wrong (dont get a chance to speak to a romanian very often and when i do its mostly typing, no speech). thank you very much for the recording. i'm off to listen to the 3rd one (which thankfully has a manuscript because yeah... i am still very new in my opinion).

Thursday 04th of January 2007 09:48:09 PM
hey all....i“m new here and i started romanian a few weeks ago...but i just wanted to say that the dialogues are really good....and very helpful thanks a lot lorelai...

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