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Monday 24th of September 2007 12:45:13 AM
The most beautiful expressions:
"once upon a time" / a fost odat? ca niciodat?

"I have ever heard or seen" / am auzit sau v?zut vreodat? (Dominick)

Starting from these beautiful expressions I will open a new thread with the most beautiful expressions encountered.

Expressions from every language are welcome, but please write them in English where is possible. We'll try to translate them in Romanian!

A new one:

"one of a kind" / unic / unul dintre to?i

Saturday 13th of October 2007 02:14:44 PM

"Cu o floare nu se face prim?var?"

Sunday 14th of October 2007 12:35:01 PM
This has been a hard thread for me in terms of thinking of new good things to add, but trust me, I am working on it (and a dozen or so other threads & ideas for threads).

I am happier and more impressed with this forum all the time. It is like the center for all the other resources I have been working with in order to gain enough confidence in my understanding to (soon, I hope) begin trying out some posts in actual Romanian!

Right now I can speak it better than I can write it.

Now if only I can come up with some beautiful expressions....I might have to resort to a few poetry texts, afterall; at least to get started.

How about this one, a play on some lines from Clement Moore's "Night Before Christmas"

'the luster of new-fallen snow' (no idea how to translate this into Romanian, though...sorry!)

Is this what we're looking for, or have I misunderstood the theme of this thread?

Tuesday 16th of October 2007 12:25:45 PM

That's very good! You are making progress! Usually, we learn first to write and then to speak.

Your expression is very beautiful. The translation could be :

"Luciul noii z?pezi c?zute""

"We have an expression with a similar meaning :

"Str?lucirea primei z?pezi"

How do you translate my previous phrases "Cu o floare nu se face prim?var?"?

Tuesday 27th of November 2007 08:20:54 PM
Alright, this is a long shot.

"Cu o floare nu se face prim?var?"

"With a flower not to be spring"

Sunday 02nd of December 2007 10:07:20 PM

What about "A flower doesn't make the spring"?

"Din mun?i ?i v?i, de peste m?ri..."

Friday 07th of December 2007 07:36:28 AM
"Din mun?i ?i v?i, de peste m?ri..."

Alright, i've given up on this. Even deciding to cheat, I could not find an english translation for Nuntam Zamfirei. I think i have a basic idea of what it says, but 'v?i' is the only word i have no clue to its meaning :(

"On mountains and 'v?i', to rise over..."

In the meantime, i came across "Noi vrem p?mânt" in english and was very moved by it.

Saturday 08th of December 2007 01:07:06 AM
Bun? Mike,

I appreciate your courage/Apreciez curajul t?u;)

"from mountains and valleys, from over the seas..."

George Co?buc is called the poet of Romanian village. He describes very well the Romanian peasants, their way of life and their customs.

The Zamfira's Wedding is a long poem, but I'll translate these poetries:

"And it was such a song and joy
As never had it happened.
And even the sun stunned for a while
Cause he had this luck
To see such joy
On this earth"

It's your turn to find an expression!

Wednesday 12th of December 2007 01:04:56 AM
Mul?umesc Lina :)

Alright, this might not be beautiful, but it is a saying that I read once and think about it almost every day.

"Success in life is not determined by how high you rise but how high you bounce back from adversity."
- General George S. Patton

Saturday 15th of December 2007 12:41:41 AM
Originally posted by mike000

Da, este o înv???tur? în?eleapt?/Yes, it is a wise learning!

\"Success in life is not determined by how high you rise but how high you bounce back from adversity.\"

Succesul în viat? nu este determinat de cât de mult str?luce?ti ci de cât de bine rezi?ti loviturilor(nepl?cerilor)

- General George S. Patton

"When you know what you can do, then you can do what you know"

"Atunci când ?tii ce s? faci, po?i face ce ?tii"

Wednesday 16th of January 2008 08:04:44 AM
My dad used an expression today that I've never heard before that made me laugh. I thought I'd share it here. He said to my mother who was speaking really quietly:

I don't think even the mouse in your pocket could hear you.

I thought it was hilarious. Obviously my mom doesn't have a mouse in her pocket but it was so strange to my ears that I couldn't help but laugh. :ha

Wednesday 23rd of January 2008 04:17:31 PM

Da, este interesant cum oamenii asociaza(associate)cuvintele în mintea lor(their mind)!

"Cine s-a ars(burnt)odat? în ciorb?(borsch), sufl?(blow off) ?i în iaurt(yoghurt)"(Romanian saying)

Saturday 10th of January 2009 03:54:09 AM
I found this in the signature of an old pb member today. Thought it is a nice expression.

Zâmbetul este cel mai scurt drum între dou? inimi.

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