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Saturday 29th of April 2006 03:25:47 AM
What do you think about Slovakia?: I am from Slovakia and I'm quite curious what do people abroad think about us^^

Saturday 06th of May 2006 07:23:21 AM
well I think their grate infact I'm trying to learn the laungrage

Thursday 06th of July 2006 08:13:03 PM
i'm also trying to learn the language (love reason :) and i'm going to slovakia in september. i'd love to be able to speak and understand a little bit before i go there!

Sunday 13th of August 2006 02:31:46 PM
i love it: I think Slovakia is a beautiful country, and that slovak girls are even more beautiful... I'm trying to learn slovak too, for the same reason : love... If you know anybode who could teach me online, i'd be so happy, cause i live in china for 6 months and it's real hard to find a teacher here...

Monday 20th of November 2006 07:55:10 AM
I havent been to the country, however my aunt lived there for 6 years and over this past summer I met about 20 people at a conference in Pavia, Italy. They were absolutely the friendliest people there. I loved them and I am going there over the summer to visit a couple friends. I was hoping I could also get some help in learning the language. THanks

Wednesday 21st of February 2007 05:05:16 AM
Slovaks are great people: Yes, Slovaks are great people. I met my first Slovak on the top of a Swiss mountain four years ago. We kept in touch, we organized a school exchange. It was a brilliant exchange. My wife and I are planning to go out for the third time in the summer (just the two of us). My pupils all enjoyed their stay in Slovakia in 2004. Their host families were tremendous. My students' only negative remark: Slovaks tend to stare at them in public. Mind you: people stare in public in other countries in Europe as well. Maybe their observation says more about the British than the Slovaks????
Now I want to improve my Slovak before the summer.

Monday 30th of April 2007 05:39:42 AM
My opinion...: Slovakia....a really really nice, peaceful country :)

P.S.Hostel :))

Monday 30th of April 2007 01:31:10 PM
My friens was in Slovakia and their impression are the best! I want to go to Slovakia to. But it is a pity that in Lithuania we know not very much about this country and many peoples confuse Slovakia and Slovenia.

Monday 30th of April 2007 06:09:39 PM
Although I do not know much about Slovakia, my friend is going there this summer (he is a Slovak, though he nor his parents know the language, however, they are part of a Slovak Orthodox church) What are some good places to go in Bratislava, and Slovakia itself?

Sunday 06th of May 2007 01:15:20 AM
well, it depends on what they wanna see:)) I think it is nice to see The Centre of the town, St. Martin's cathedral, The castle and also castle Devin, which is a very nice place, though a little bit distatn from the centre:) but bratislava is quite asmall town, so you can see all the important things in one day or maybe in two days, the centre is very small indeed^^

Friday 18th of May 2007 10:12:11 AM
Bratislava experience: Last August I had the chance to visit Bratislava. I was only there for two days, and I had the chance to walk around City Centre, visit the Castle and enjoy some of the cuisine. My friend (a native) was my tour guide. The people were very friendly, and very eager to speak English, especially the young people. Some of them said that they do not get the chance to talk to many Americans, so they had so many questions about our "culture".
I was actually rather ashamed that all I could say was "please" "thank you" and "thank you" some more. For my next trip I hope to have a little more Slovak in my vocabulary!

Thursday 28th of June 2007 04:24:00 AM
Slovakia is calm and quiet country with beautiful mountains and quite nice skijng slopes. And what is the most interesting thing is Kelt, a great beer (almost good as Polish ones)

Friday 05th of October 2007 01:10:56 AM
Hi! I have never visited Slovakia but I've seen pictures with Bratislava and Košice and of course Tatra mountains. Very beautiful country. And also I've eaten halušky z brinzou (I'm sorry if I didn't write it correct). Delicious! ;) Hope to visit it one day!

Thursday 01st of November 2007 11:33:38 PM
When I think of Slovakia, I think of:

1) My friends from all over the country and their hospitality and company

2) Bryndzové halušky so slaninou/klobásou and kofola :-P

3) All of the beautiful slovenky :-)

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