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Thursday 11th of May 2006 06:58:46 PM
"Pita": Hi guys!!!

I made a bet with Lekker. He called me "Pita" and i have to find out what it means in a month. Since he loves Spanish I'm thinking maybe it is a Spanish word! Is it?


Thank you :)

Thursday 30th of November 2006 02:30:53 AM
Pita is not Spanish: Hello! Pita means hen in a language of the north of Spain, Asturian. If you want more information only write me an email. Greetings ;)

Friday 01st of December 2006 03:04:14 AM
Pita is far more than just that, take a look [url=]here to know what this simple word might mean too =o)

anyway noone had thought about the lang you proposed yet:D good choice!

Saturday 02nd of December 2006 02:02:39 AM
This is not of course what you're looking for, but I think it's still useful for people to know that Pita is sometime the name of:

And as in Kapampangan and Pilipo it may mean whistle too ;)

Saturday 02nd of December 2006 02:45:24 AM
·In Spanish, pita may come from 'pitada' I guess it's a verb too (pitar). 'Pitada' is, when smoking a cigarette, that thing you do of absorbing it (would'nt know how to explain, not a smoker). "Ella pita" therefore means "she smokes (or whatever you call that). However, someone calling you this does not make any sense.

·Pita is also a short for Lupita (name). Perhaps your name translated to Spanish is Lupita.

·In Croatian, Pita means cookie. Doesn't make sense either

Despite all these meaning, I think I know the answer:
it's not pita, its PITA: Pain In The Ass.

Saturday 02nd of December 2006 04:16:37 AM
thank you both for yuor suggestions, we had already found them all though =o) and well, the asnwer is pita= spoilt/childish girl in POrtuguese slang =o)

Monday 04th of December 2006 06:51:37 AM
Is that so? I read the other thread and thought it was still in the air.
Pain in the arse really seemed like the answer... well, learnt a word in portuguese =)


[Edit:] Oh, I've read the whole thread now, and the answer was SEXY, not childish

Wednesday 06th of December 2006 06:19:05 AM
I actually remember that Isa (Portuguese mod) first came up with that possible meaning and she said it meant childish, I don't remember if sexy too but it doesn't matter anymore, we won the bet :D

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