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Wednesday 21st of September 2005 11:02:24 AM
********* * I N D E X * *********: Welcome to the [color=red]Spanish forum[/color] at [color=blue]PhraseBase[/color]!
If you are new here, please read this whole thread, and try to join us:)
You can check the [url=]Spanish2 forum, where the lessons are. [size=6]PLEASE DON'T POST THERE [¿Tengo que remarcar esto o la gente sólo va a hacer lo que le de la gana?]. If you have questions, comments or complains about what is there, please post then in the [url=]Spanish forum ONLY. THANKS.

[color=red]Lessons - Lecciones[/color]
[url=]Spanish lesson webpages, [url=]Present tense conjugation, [url=]Present perfect tense conjugation, [url=]Pronunciation, [url=]Nouns with two genders, [url=]Por and para differences, [url=]Adjective agreement, [url=]Common phrases, [url=]All verb tenses in Spanish.

[color=red]Excercises - Ejercicios[/color]
[url=]I. verbos, [url=]II. singular y plural, [url=]III. el imperativo, [url=]IV. presente, pasado y futuro, [url=]V. conjugación de verbos, [url=]VI. expresar condicionalidad, [url=]VII. acentos, [url=]VIII. completa los espacios en blanco, [url=]IX. estilo directo e indirecto, [url=]X. ejercicios aleatorios. Translations: [url=]For beginner, [url=]for intermediate, [url=]for advanced students. [url=]Listening comprehension.

[color=red]Questions - Preguntas[/color]
[color=blue]Ask all your grammar questions by clicking **[url=]HERE**.[/color] There are other threads with quetions, like [url=]1, [url=]2, [url=]3

[color=red]Songs, poems, etc. - Canciones, poemas, etc.[/color]
[url=]Mi poema favorito, [url=]Canciones, [url=]Comprensión de lectura, [url=]Chistes, [url=]Let's make our own story.

[color=red]Conversations - Conversaciones[/color]
[url=]Charlas de café, [url=]Questions and comments, [url=]Tu nombre, [url=]Tal vez les guste este artículo

[color=red]Games - Juegos[/color]
[url=]Taboo game, [url=]Cambio de palabras, [url=]Preguntas aleatorias, [url=]Recoloca las letras, [url=]1. Sopa de letras, [url=]2. Juego del ahoracdo, [url=]3. Recoloca las letras, [url=]4. Describe la palabra, [url=]5. Which word does not belong here?, [url=]6. Unscramble the sentence, [url=]7. Formación de palabras, [url=]8. Juego de asociaciones, [url=]9. Cadena de palabras, [url=]10. Describe a picture.

[color=red]Introductions - Presentaciones[/color]
[color=blue]If you are new here, want to ask for help to learn Spanish, introduce yourself, etc., please click **[url=]HERE**[/color] to do it. Other threads may get lost in all the rest of the threads, like these:[url=]1, [url=]2, [url=]3, [url=]4, [url=]5, [url=]6, [url=]7, [url=]8, [url=]9, [url=]10, [url=]11, [url=]12, [url=]13, [url=]14, [url=]15, [url=]16, [url=]17, [url=]18, [url=]19, [url=]20, [url=]21, [url=]22, [url=]23, [url=]24, [url=]25, [url=]26, [url=]27, [url=]28, [url=]29, [url=]30, [url=]31, [url=]32, [url=]33, [url=]34, [url=]35, [url=]36, [url=]37, [url=]37, [url=]38, [url=]39, [url=]40, etc., etc... From time to time some threads are moved to the archives, so we can free space.

*thread always under construction... as this forum* :)
[color=magenta]PLEASE: If you have suggestions... let us know!!![/color] (also any broken link you find in this forum)

Thursday 22nd of September 2005 10:20:59 PM
The purpose of PhraseBase is sharing languages.
The following members will share their time and their Spanish to help students (listed in alphabetical order according to nickname)[Please, note I said HELP, not teach]:

[url=]Karina (fiamma_gt), [url=]Goran (GoranBcn), [url=]Juliana (julianita), [url=]Pablo (pableras28), [url=]Steffi (WickedArg).

Even though we all speak Spanish, you may find slightly differences in the way we speak. These differencies will never be so extreme that we could have problems to understand each other. We try to use here a stardard Spanish, and from time to time use some words or phrases that are common in our regions. Spanish language is diverse, but still only one Spanish.

Any questions you have about Spanish language, you can ask one of us. :)[Of course all of us speak fluent Spanish]

Si tú también hablas español y quieres ayudar a otros a aprenderlo, avísanos para agregarte a esta lista.

Wednesday 05th of October 2005 09:02:48 AM
How this forum works: We are trying to post grammar explanations about Spanish language in order to help you improve your Spanish, whatever your level is.

You won't be able to post on such threads (to keep an order on them) because they'll be locked, but if you have any questions or comments, please do so. Look for the apropriate thread to post them. we'll try to answer them as soon as possible.

There are also several threads with excercises. Some native speaker sets a question, wich is answered by students, and then corrections and comments are made by native speakers. You can answer all excercises from the beginning, checking your answers with the corrections already made, or answer to the last question... and wait for corrections/comments. Instructions for the excercises are stated in the first post of each thread.

For more practice, you can join the games or the general conversation threads. We'll monitor post there and correct mistakes if needed. As for excercises, games' instructions are stated in the first post.

If you don't find material you need or would like to find here, please let us know (preferably in a Private Message [PM]).

Any questions related to how PB works, you can PM me (well, you can check the [url=]FAQ section too).
Learn... and have fun :)

Thursday 06th of October 2005 07:50:35 AM
About classes: This is a difficul issue. I arrived here on April 15th 2005.. and have tried to start a class at least three times. Problems I've faced:
1) I'm not a teacher. I can try to help... but don't know how to teach.
2) Students in different levels. It's difficult to work with such a mix.
3) Students lose interest. This may be consequence of number 1.
4) Students in different time zones.
5) Issues with classroom or instant messengers. This is just bad luck.

Fortunately, there are others who may help you. Check following forums: [url=]Chatroom lessons, [url=]Language exchange, [url=]Language teachers, and probably in [url=]Introductions.

But remember: the main part must be by you and only you. Your success in learning Spanish depends on you solely. We just are a little help. Motivation must be in you. If you are really interested in learning the language, you will.

Some of us are willing to help. Help us to help you :)

Saturday 08th of October 2005 11:14:04 PM
About audio files: A lot of you come here looking for that. Right now PB has problems with that section (which is **[url=]here**). Read the answer Joe has given **[url=]here***.
This problem is beyond my reach. But I can do something in this forum: add files hosted in some other site. I've talked with some members and they have agreed in helping us recording their voices so you can listen to them... and they live in different places of the Spanish world, thus with different accents. I'll start adding those files to some threads. As always, your feedback is key here.

Sunday 09th of October 2005 06:12:49 AM
Some recomendations: Yes, we need to say this in order to keep this working as smoothly as possible.
0. I'd be very thankful if you read this thread first... before your first post.
1. Avatars. Maybe your avatar looks H U G E when you upload it. Resize it first in an image editor, so it can fit a decent size here.
2. Posting. PB has been a little slow recently. Please be patient and wait after you clicked the submit reply button. We see very often double or triple posts for this reason. If you couldn't resist the tempation and see this happened to you, please delete those undesirable posts (yes, there's the option after clicking the edit button). But if you can't do this or don't have the time or just being lazy, I'll do it for you.
3. Formating posts. To change font style, size or color, to add an url, to link an image or to put a smily, you can read **[url=]here**.
4. Editing posts. If, after clicking the submit reply button you see there's a mistake or you forgot to say something, DON'T do a second post. Take a look in the buttom part of your post. you'll see an edit button. Use that one.
5. Signatures. The simpler the singnature, the less time you'll need to load the page. (Yes, I should follow this advice too :p)
6. Personal Messages. After each post, you can see a botton named PM. Click it and you'll be PMing the person who posted.
7. Your inbox. Please clean up your inbox from time to time. Save those PMs you're interested in and delete the rest.
8. E-mail addresses. As already mentioned in a thread, avoid giving your personal email address in the threads... unless you are used to get spam... as I'm used now :(
9. More Spanish speakers in PB. To find them, try your search **[url=]here**.
10. New threads. PLEASE, before starting a new thread, check if your post may suit an existant thread. I have to explain why: Every new thread pushes an old one to the next pages of this forum. After some time of being moderator here, I've seen people don't read the other pages (actually... I'm not sure if most of them read what's on the firsto ne :(). This causes that a lot of threads are unknow to most students.
11. Are you thinking of deleting you PB account? It's up to you, of course. But consider that all your posts with that account will be gone too. That will make a weird sensation that who replied to your posts is talking to him/herself. But it's up to you. If you are considering deleting it, please inform me so I can make some changes in the forum, and avoid some problems (if you've been in other fora, you may have seen Guest, which is the result of posts lost by deleted accounts).
12. Don't be afraid to participate. We'll try to help you. So play, read, ask. Please, try to be specific in your questions. That'll help us to answer to your boubt, instead to answer what we "think" is your doubt. Just take a while to make sure your question is clear... even to me :p
13. Again. SUGGEST! :) PM me with whatever suggestion you come up.

Wednesday 12th of October 2005 12:10:14 PM
More on audio files: In some posts you'll see a link like this one:

[color=magenta]>>>[/color][color=gray]Audio #[/color]

Click to that link to listen a native speaker saying something of what's in that post.

The number assigned to each audio is given in chronological order:
1: Myself. Living in Mexico.
2: Karina. Living in Guatemala [who, by the way, has the BEST voice for this].
3: Emanuel. Living in Argentina.
4: Juliana. Currently living in Florida.

I'll add more audio files (and more names to that list) as we create them. I hope this can help you some way :)

Sunday 16th of October 2005 10:54:59 AM
Nota a los nativos.: Por favor, recuerden que este foro es visitado por personas que quieren aprender el español. Muchos de ellos están empezando.
Les pido que por favor eviten cosas como ésta:
Dicho por un nativo en otro lado
x aki todo bien son fiestas en calpe el oktoverfes mucha bear k t espero ver pronto un beso para mel d checo y muchos para ti miosNo estoy exagerando el ejemplo. Así fue enviado un correo. Quien lo escribió habla sólo español... y vive en España. [No estoy implicando nada, sólo lo menciono para hacer notar que vive en un ambiente donde el español es el idioma que se usa]
Si veo cosas así en el foro, voy a tener que editarlas, simplemente porque pueden confundir a los que están estudiando.

Sé que quienes frecuentan este foro no lo hacen [gracias por lo que hacen aquí], sólo quería que supieran cómo voy a actuar en el futuro.

Monday 17th of October 2005 08:15:07 PM
Special characters: *sigh*
If your keyboard is not configured to type the spacial characters we have in Spanish ([color=blue]Á, É, Í, Ó, Ú, Ü, Ñ, á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, ñ, ¿, ¡[/color]) you can use ALT codes. Here they are:
Á = ALT + 181 or ALT + 0193
É = ALT + 144 or ALT + 0201
Í = ALT + 214 or ALT + 0205
Ó = ALT + 224 or ALT + 0211
Ú = ALT + 233 or ALT + 0218
Ü = ALT + 154 or ALT + 0220
Ñ = ALT + 165 or ALT + 0209
á = ALT + 160 or ALT + 0225
é = ALT + 130 or ALT + 0233
í = ALT + 161 or ALT + 0237
ó = ALT + 162 or ALT + 0243
ú = ALT + 163 or ALT + 0250
ü = ALT + 129 or ALT + 0252
ñ = ALT + 164 or ALT + 0241
¿ = ALT + 168 or ALT + 0191
¡ = ALT + 173 or ALT + 0161
[What you have to do is press the ALT key while hiting the other sequence]

If for some reason you're not getting the character with these codes, then go to **[url=]this page**, type there, copy and paste here.
If this is still not working... mmm... open Word, go to Insert, then Symbol and select the ones you need. you can create keyboard shortcuts to avoid this part. Type there, copy and paste here.
No Word either? Well... then go to Start > Programms > Accessories > System tools > Bit map. Once there, select your font, select the character you want, press select, then copy, and finally paste it here.
If that doesn't work either... well, I'll have to lend you my computer to type them.

Now, let's see how many ask this in other threads... *sigh*

Thursday 27th of October 2005 12:51:09 PM
Index of audio files in the Spanish forum: This is only to concentrate all links in a single post. I'll group them according to the thread you can find them and in the order in which they appear.

In the thread [url=]Pronunciation:
[url=]PB004, [url=]PB003, [url=]PB009, [url=]erre1, [url=]erre2, [url=]enie1.

In the thread [url=]Frases en español:
[url=]PB001, [url=]PB014, [url=]PB007, [url=]PB002, [url=]PB008, [url=]PB015, [url=]PB005, [url=]PB016, [url=]PB017, [url=]PB012, [url=]PB006, [url=]PB011, [url=]PB010, [url=]PB013, [url=]PB018, [url=]PB019, [url=]PB034, [url=]PB035.

In the thread [url=]Comprensión auditiva:
[url=]PB020, [url=]PB021, [url=]PB022, [url=]PB023, [url=]PB024, [url=]PB025, [url=]PB026, [url=]PB027, [url=]PB028, [url=]PB029, [url=]PB030, [url=]PB031, [url=]PB032, [url=]PB033, [url=]PB036, [url=]PB037, [url=]PB038.

Those files (41, so far) are made by ourselves. Their format is .wav or .mp3. If you want to download them, simply right-click over the link and select save target as. Not perfect voices in all cases (specially mine), I know, but native speakers :p

*whispers* I will also be uploading songs. Don't tell anybody ;):p They'll be in the thread [url=]Canciones. File(s) currently available: [url=]Juegos de amor.

Tuesday 15th of November 2005 12:54:02 AM
I think I have to comment on this. What is your level of Spanish? Well, that's going to be the level for you in this forum. The number of stars in your profile is almost always inaccurate. I've seen people with five stars and don't know the basics. And people with only two and already know a lot.
Most people here has a good level, so we post according to that. That doesn't mean you cannot join because if you only know hola and adiós then we can start things to fit your level. If you think current level is too far from yours, we can make something about it. Just don't feel intimidated by the best students around :p
To join us or not is your decision.
The point is that you need to practice in order to learn. Anyway, I post because of the few people who come to this forum. It's for them that we post. And I hope we are doing what they need so they can improve their level. Whoever wanting to join is welcome. Learning Spanish will require a lot of work (I said "A LOT"). If you want to take the challenge, welcome! If you don't want to join us, good luck.

Saturday 28th of January 2006 09:17:41 PM
About corrections: No long ago this was said in other forum:
No corrections any more, please!! :(Native speaker
LOL, ok...But, being corrected doesn't mean your X sucks and I mean it!It's the only way you can improve your language and not repeat them again. Now do not avoid writing in X:)[Where X is the name of the language of that forum.]Student
OK :). But too many corrections is so depressing, you knowNative speaker
I knowMost of the time corrections in this forum are given by three of us. We can have mistakes while doing those corrections. Fortunately the other two can see that and correct us as well :)
I know it is discouraging to see that your posts are always full of mistakes. And even worse: that you try a very simple sentence with ten words... and you get 5 comments of it! I know it because I'm studying other languages too. But I want those corrections! As I'm in a very basic level, those corrections allow me to see how I can improve what I'm doing. I know I'll forget several points I've been corrected, but over time, I'll get rid of those. Vocabulary usage is another problem. I hoe native speakers here to tell me when a word is not propperly used or when another way to say it is more commonly accepted. Word order! Well... I'm hopeless about that... I'm still in the process of getting to know how that works, and reading more advaced students' posts help me with that.
Sometimes the corrections are made in the language I'm studying, and get the idea of what they wanted to correct and why is difficult. It happened to me yesterday and I needed 30 minutes to understand three lines. But.. today I went to read that post again. *proud* It sounds so logical now! :D
I'll repeat here what I said in a thread in this forum.
Sorry if with my comments make it seems everything is wrong. On the contrary! I only want to comment more in depth, to give sugestions to improve, to give more options.
That's the idea of this post. To try to make you see that.
I think we'll be correcting posts even if you don't want to be corrected. Because others come here too, and may act as I do in other fora: read advanced students' posts and try to learn from them too.

Monday 30th of January 2006 09:41:02 AM
Do we read?: It's hard to learn a language. specially if you are starting with it. When you are not sure about a lot of things [tenses, words, pronouns, etc., etc.] But.. it's like more difficult if we don't read. I mean..., if we only skim the posts. I'd like to know who has read this thread. It'd be interesting to know the ratio who-has read/people-posting-in-the-Spanish-forum. I'm pretty sure it's below 0.50.
This post is scratch :p Only to show something I found funny.
Taken from the [url=]BBC website
It comes down to trust. Do you trust whoever holds your data? And do you know what they propose to do with it?
Most people apparently can't be bothered.
A website recently added a note at the bottom of its privacy policy, offering $5,000 to people who had read this document.
It took about 3,000 customers using the service until one person actually read the whole thing and claimed the prize.Now, no wonder why this forum has a lot of "newbies" but few students. Thanks to the students of this forum! You are great! :)

Tuesday 18th of April 2006 09:15:58 PM
I think I'll adopt something I read in the Russian forum. Anya commented they were doing it already in the French forum. Well, the thing basically is to edit student's post and place the corrections and comente there, instedad of making a new post. This way, maybe corrections are easier to follow. If somebody doesn't like this way, please let me know.