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Sunday 08th of October 2006 08:12:35 PM
Podcasts: Okay. After two weeks of tries... at last, I hve it finished. It is almost 03.00 here (and tomorrow I have to wake up early), what means I'll be able to update only once a week.
For those who are familiar with podcast, will find this one really sucky. My apologies. It is the first one I do (and I didn't think it was going to need so much time!).
This is for advanced students.
Let's see if this idea works.
If you have questions or comments, pleas post them here. But only things related to Spanish language. If you want to say something rather technical (as how to improve the sound or things like that), I'd appreciate it if you do it in a PM, just to keep this forum with language related things.
I must thank Vito, Isabel and Peter for their help in doing this.
Gosh! I can't believe it is so awful! :p Just consider it is lower than amateur.
I took too much time in preparing this one. Tomorrow I hope to have ready something for beginers.
And the file that belongs to this first episode (which will include the full transcription and reading comprehension questions) will be uploaded tomorrow. I am falling asleep right now! :p
Finally, I want to say thanks to Natalie... for being there as she is! :W
Now... to the ashaming-Javier file!:
Let me know what you think of it!
Buenas noches.

Sunday 08th of October 2006 11:50:13 PM
Go Javi go Javi GO!! HEHE :D

I can't wiat for your beginner lessons. :)

Monday 09th of October 2006 12:27:19 AM
¡¡¡¡¡WOW!!!!! Déjame decirlo de nuevo: ¡WOOOOOW!.
No me lo puedo creer, este fue el primer thread que leí regresando en PB y...¡WOW! (¿qué? ¿os parece que solo sé decir "Wow" es Español? :D).
Me encanta ver que de verdad hay cosas que nunca cambian: Javi continua a ser increíble. :).
¡Enhorabuena!, la tema que elegiste es suuuuper y, por supuesto, I´ll be a fan! :)

[color=blue]-éste es el primer thread que leí de regreso a PB
-Javi continúa siendo
-el tema que elegiste es súper[/color]

Monday 09th of October 2006 01:47:22 AM
I didn't understand most of it, as it was an advanced lessons as you told me :p but overall

¡¡¡MUY BIEN!!! :D :D :D

And of course, awaiting for beginner lessons! :D

Monday 09th of October 2006 03:00:17 AM
wow en español : ay caramba! :D :D (I have no idea...)

I have to say that sounds much better than the power-point audio files you wanted to add. :D Nice work, javi :)

Monday 09th of October 2006 05:14:18 AM
Simply perfect!!!! <3

Monday 09th of October 2006 05:37:45 AM
¡Enhorabuena, Javi! Como decimos aquí en España...

¡Te lo has currado! ;)

No se si usáis esta expresión en tu país. :)

Monday 09th of October 2006 10:46:48 PM
¡Muy buena idea, Javi! Me alegro de ver que hay gente que sigue ayudando a los estudiantes. También tengo muy presente el gran esfuerzo que has hecho para crearlo y hasta qué horas estuviste. ¡Muchas gracias por el sacrificio, el foro te lo agradece de todo corazón! ^_^

Tuesday 10th of October 2006 04:55:30 AM
Simplemente muchas gracias Javi =o) ya esperamos el nuevo =o)

Thursday 19th of October 2006 08:04:25 PM
At last.. the second episode. :( Yes... it is still bad, but I am learning more things about this.
Sorry for the suckiness :(
I'll upload something more today!
*[url=]Right click here and save target as*
Or you can go to

Saturday 21st of October 2006 04:37:26 AM
As I have already told you, this one is even better than the first one =o) and I love the music, keep up the good work Javi! =o) Muchas gracias para lo que ya has hecho =o)

Saturday 21st of October 2006 04:37:33 AM
double post =o( lo siento !!!

Sunday 22nd of October 2006 12:56:25 PM
*burning time*
Here it is, at last.
or go [url=]here.

The second lesson:
And the third one:

The transcript of each lesson has already been added. (Only the beginner's ones)

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