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Thursday 21st of June 2007 05:10:11 AM
Lime: So I went into my local Taqueria and asked for a jarrito (Mexican Soda) and as usual I ask in Spanish b/c the people there are usually more comfortable talking in Spanish, so I asked for "Un jarrito de limoncillo" thinking that the word for lime was "limoncillo" in response the man said "¿De qué?" and I quickly responded "De limón" and he understood me perfectly. I have since noticed that in Spanish-speaking countries, no real distinction between lemons and limes are made, why?

Thursday 21st of June 2007 07:55:45 AM
WHY? I don't know.
But in my very poor knowledge of Spanish language, I can tell you that *I* call lima the fruit you call lime. And the soda is not made of lima. As far as I know. Everybody would ask for limón (Even though I don't remember one of limón... maybe. I remember piña.. and.. and... not more. But yes, there are several of them).
Honestly, if you asked ME for a Jarrito de limoncillo, I'd think you are talking as Ned Flanders in the Mexican Spanish version. Anyway, according to the dictionary, limoncillo is the name of the tree and not of the fruit.
So... to answer your no question: Limes are limas and lemons are limones.
But read here:
Maybe it'd help you some way.

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