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Friday 16th of November 2007 04:44:20 AM
Best Resources?: Hola! Que tal?

Please can you guys tell me what you think is the best resource available at the moment for learning LATIN AMERICAN Spanish? I'm planning the trip of a lifetime through South and Central America and I need something i can teach myself from...

So... Colloquial, Rossetta Stone, Pimseur or something else? :) what do you think? :)

Muchas Gracias! :)

Friday 16th of November 2007 09:20:04 PM
Pienso que aquí hay una buena manera para estudiar español coloquial de Suramérica! Quizá que nosotros podemos pedir información de personas que viven allá!
Yo tambien necesito mas practica en español porque en un año me voy a Honduras. Pues podemos aprender juntos? :)
Hay algunas personas que le gustan seguir con nosotros?

Klee, su viaje es increíble!

Saturday 17th of November 2007 12:25:38 AM
I like Pimsleur very much. I do agree with Anya, but Pimsleur focuses on conversation, which is what you'll be needing. Combining both is the best you can do, although I'd start with Pimsleur. I'm not sure whether he has a course on Latin American Spanish specifically, though, does he?
Anyway, learning in as many ways as possible, having access to different sources of information, that certainly looks like the perfect way..

Saludos, y suerte!

Saturday 17th of November 2007 02:34:43 AM
Well, I have one program that focuses on Latin American Spanish. It's called: Learning Spanish Like Crazy.

I have used it, not that bad. It starts with one verb, then you'll learn to conjugate through ear, then, they'll teach you some phrases with what you could use with it etc... it's pretty good overall :) just my two cents

EDIT: here's the website:

Saturday 17th of November 2007 05:13:59 PM
Thank you very much guys!

Danial - i've downloaded the first lesson and will see how it goes. :)

Totally agree about the "use as many resources as possible" as its what i recommend for any one asking about Albanian but you always need something to start off with - unless of course you have an endless supply of money! With attempting to learn 4 languages at the same time this is never an option hehehe...

Thanks again - and i'll be back, no doubt shortly :) x

Saturday 01st of December 2007 12:54:01 AM

Well, American Spanish is not a language, and it doesn't differ a lot from Spain's Spanish. So you can use websites for learning Spain's Spain and learn Latin America one. Some words that changes from Spain to America:

Dinero - plata (money)
tonto - boludo (En Argentina) (stupid)
tú - vos (in Argentina) -> You. You can say "tú" in Argentina and "vos" in Spain and everyone will understand you.

Anyway, in America there are lots of dialects for Spanish. So if you want (I think its stupid) you could learn Spanish from one country and no from all a continent :D

Saturday 01st of December 2007 03:12:03 AM
But besides specific vocabulary characteristic from each region, all Latin American Spanish is the same, whereas if you learn Spain Spanish or Argentinian Spanish you'll have to learn how to conjugate verbs with vosotros and vos, respectively. Of course, the rest of the world may know what you mean if you use vos instead of tú, but you first have to learn it, don't you? Anyway, I'm not so sure about this. It's happened to me many times before, having to speak "like the rest" because they wouldn't understand what I was saying or found it difficult to get the meaning. This happened in forums where the vast majority where from Spain or Central America. Perhaps I just happened to bump into retards, perhaps no-one understands Argentinian Spanish, we can't be sure; I don't know every single Spanish speaking person.
Check this out:
You are (singular)= Tú eres (everywhere but Argentina)
You are (singular)= Vos sos (in Argentina)
You are (plural)= Ustedes son (everywhere but in Spain)
You are (plural)= Vosotros sois (in Spain)
It's not just vos, tú, ustedes or vosotros that you have to learn, it's the whole way of conjugating the verb... Tú tienes, vos tenés, and so on.

I haven't run out of things to say, I just don't remember what else I wanted to say... Boo

Thursday 27th of December 2007 04:50:09 PM
Hmmm...well i used to learn spanish at school and have noticed the differences with the verbs already... like for you plural you keep the -an/-en/-en endings (ar/er/ir verbs respectively)...rather than use the ais/eis/is (with accent) forms...

Its also ridiculously close to portuguese so learning both together is perhaps a bit of a gamble hehe...ah well...thanks for the help guys... :)

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