Spanish Can Anyone Help Me With Translating This? A Message From A Friend, Thank You Very Much For Helping Me Translate! :)

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Friday 01st of December 2006 01:18:25 PM
Can anyone help me with translating this?: le mandastes el mensaje a Zander. Mi mama me acaba decir porfavor si no s e lo ha mandado, no se lo mande. Esto es entre el y yo y no ella. Ella entiende y trato llamar de nuevo entonces porfavor lo lo haga y si lo ha hecho por favor dime y mandame lo que le mando. Por favor no se lo no lo ha hecho. Muchas gracias

pos nah no lo eh mandao.....y no se lo voa mandar pero pos si ella me pregunta le voa decir q se lo mande pero vos decile q se lo mande pero no se lo voa mandar ok....

Friday 01st of December 2006 06:46:30 PM
Hi Massimo, I'll try to give you a rough translation of this:

you sent the message to Zander. My mum has just told me please if you haven't sent it to him (yet) do not send it. This is (something) between him and me, not her. She understand and tried (without success) to call again then don't do that and if you've done it please tell me and send me what you've sent him. Please don't send it to him... if you haven't done it (yet). Thanks a lot.

I can't really understand the last sentences, they are written in very bad Spanish

??? I haven't sent it... and I don't know if I'm going to send it but (??? pos?? again I dunno what it means) if she asks me I'm going to tell her that she sends him that (or "that I send him that" it's not really clear) but you tell her that she sends it to him but if she's not going to send it (it is) ok.

hope it helps you a bit, it's rather confusing, especially the last part.

Friday 01st of December 2006 09:40:31 PM
Vito, you did a great work! Just consider it is very poor Spanish. If you asked me, if that were written by a student here, I'd rate it with... mmm... 4 in a scale from 1 to 10. But it seems it was written by a native speaker!! (Or, at least, by someone who would claim to have mastered the language).
I'll translate that into Spanish. There might not be exactly what it says, but the way it was said can't help me in finding out the EXACT meaning, so... I'll have to assume what it rerally says:
¿Le mandaste el mensaje a Zander? Mi mamá me acaba de decir que, por favor, si no se lo has mandado, no se lo mandes. Esto es entre él y yo, no ella. Ella entiende y trató de llamar de nuevo. Entonces, no lo hagas, y si ya lo hicist por favor dime y mándame lo que le mandaste. Por favor no se lo mandes... si no lo has hecho. Muchas gracias.
¡Pues nada! No lo he mandado... y no se lo voy a mandar pero si ella me pregunta, le voy a decir que se lo mandé, pero tú dile que se lo mandé. Pero no se lo voy a mandar.
Okay... I understand more now that I have translated it!! :p
Massimo is Zander, I guess.
Speaker 1 mixes "usted" and "tú" forms.
Speaker 2 might be from somewhere in Central America. He (or she?) uses "vos", but... I don't think he is from South... because of the uses of "pos" and "nah". "Pos" is how many pronounce "pues", something like "so" in English.
Also, many speakers (specially from coastal zones.. at least from Mexico to Central AMerica) tend to supress a letter in words like manda[d]o.
Speaker 2 even changes "voy a" for "voa". If you speak really fast and don't care much about the sound, you may pronounce that way. Not a good thing.
Vito, it was harder for you because the second part was written more the way some people pronounce. The rest is as sucky as the first part.

Friday 01st of December 2006 10:21:46 PM
well yes I had noticed that the last paragraph was written the way someone usually pronounce those sentences... but still I couldn't think of anything like pues nada! Great spot there Javi! =o)

I hope I'd never sound so bad in my motherlang lol :D this guy 's Spanish is really inaccurate! :D

btw, I've noticed you used hicist there while the other guy used a far simpler pretérito perfecto compuesto (hope it's called that way lol! It's the English present perfect). How come you did that? As far as I can get you'd have to do that if that sentence was a dependent of the haga... one but there is a coordinative conjuction there, an y I'm confused now :D sorry for the weird question!

Friday 01st of December 2006 11:51:40 PM
Sorry! It is a typo. It must be hiciste. Well... I didn't correct the text. I only translated it. It is not the way I'd have said it. La redacción es bastante pobre también.
I used past, yes. It was a one time event. If I use "has hecho", it sounds as a repeated action. At least to me. I know, I know. Spaniards use it a lot. But not me. I use past for past things. And I changed it as I would have had that verb.

Saturday 02nd of December 2006 12:58:29 AM
thanks a lot for the explanation Javi!=o)

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