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Saturday 01st of July 2006 12:08:27 AM
EXCHANGING TAVERN: I've seen many leave their posts searching language partners to learn Spanish in exchange for their mother tongues everywhere. Leave them all here and come often to see if someone has replied you or only if someone appeared with the features you were searching. Good search and good luck!

Sunday 02nd of July 2006 01:27:35 AM
muchas gracias Pablocito! :)

Anyone who wants to learn Turkish, feel free to contact to me!! quiero hablar español. i will start to study Spanish very soon! So i need help! i really need someone who will be serious at learning and of course someone who will be able to bear with me :D

I don't guarantee that i can make you speak Turkish. But i can give you a hand. Please contact to me if you are sincere! otherwise let me find some other people!

hasta luego!


Monday 28th of August 2006 01:19:56 AM
Hi, Im a Spanish native speaker. I can offer a hand to those wanting to learn, no matter how nule their knowledge in this language is.
I dont want anything in exchange, unless you know croatian, lol

Tuesday 29th of August 2006 10:21:28 PM
I'd love to exchange my mothertounge for Spanish ... I'm a complete beginner though. Also, I don't think I need to be thought exactly, but it would be great to have a native I could send e-mails with to practice as I learn.
Anyways, I can help with Norwegian if anyone would be interested.

Friday 01st of September 2006 11:59:03 PM
Hi, helene, I think I can teach you Spanish. Write me a private message ;)

Sunday 17th of September 2006 03:20:26 PM
Maybe I can help you with croatian,and I do want something in exchange,to learn spanish,claro!: Originally posted by WickedArg

Hi, Im a Spanish native speaker. I can offer a hand to those wanting to learn, no matter how nule their knowledge in this language is.
I dont want anything in exchange, unless you know croatian, lol

Monday 18th of September 2006 03:26:48 AM
I would like a language exchange partner. tu Español por mi Inglés Y/O mi Arabé.

I'm a beginner en español so I'm not good at conjugating verbs lol

Friday 24th of November 2006 06:21:31 AM
Quisiera mejorar mi español. He estudio unos años pero quiero hablar más bueno.. Puedo enseñar sueco si me ayudas con el español. MSN: Corréo electrónico:


Saturday 02nd of December 2006 01:32:56 PM

Like Dan, I would also like to improve my Spanish.

I either ask of someone to help me to improve or to help someone understand the basics of Spanish.

Pienso que puedo ayudar dos vias diferentes.

Monday 04th of December 2006 04:10:12 AM
Spanish Penpal: Me gustaria conocer españoles por internet. Necesito mejorar mi español. Escribidme un mensaje si os interesa. Yo soy de Bosnia.

Saturday 09th of December 2006 09:20:38 PM
Hi, I'm Mohamed Fawzy from Egypt!!

I really want to learn Spanish for a long time, I'm currently taking French courses at the French Embassy in Cairo, I think that'd make it easier for me to learn Spanish since both languages have lots in common, also as you can see I speak both English & Arabic fluently :)

Thursday 25th of January 2007 04:15:47 AM
pen pal: I would simply like a friend who is willing to help me learn spanish, I am new to the language, and would like to have a pen pal who can write me in spanish, and help guide me. Also if anyone is interested in english, I am willing to help, even if you don't have a language I am interested in.

Friday 02nd of February 2007 02:25:25 AM
Yo puedo ayudar con el español.
I can help with Spanish.

Friday 02nd of February 2007 04:44:06 AM
Spanish - French interchange: Hello, I'm interested in learning french and i would like to find someone interested in spanish to make an interchange. The common language can be english. If you are interested you can contact me by email,msn or skype in the following address:


Skype: Raulskypex

I'm waiting for you answers!

Saturday 03rd of February 2007 04:30:30 AM
Raúl pa eso mejor vas al foro de francés

Saturday 03rd of February 2007 03:05:57 PM
Spanish for english , malay or tamil in return: hello everyone... i am seeking a partner to practice spansih with. I will be more than glad to assist you with english.malay or tamil. I am also looking for pen pals...regardless of language. I hope to get a positive reply soon!

Sunday 25th of February 2007 02:47:52 PM
¡Hola a todos!: Me llamo Aleq y vivo en Filipinas. Hace mucho tiempo que no he visitado aquí (tal vez seis meses), y solía enseñar Tagalog y Cebuano antes. Yo hablaba con Sra. Maryam que era la administradora de este foro pero me alegro mucho que el foro siga y ahora con un nuevo administrador.

Bueno, me gustaría mejorar mi español por que el DELE empezará el Mayo y tengo que aprobar los exámenes para tener una beca para estudiar en España, lo cual mi primer objetivo.

Quisiera conocer otros que les gusten aprender nuestro idioma y también los que puedan ayudarme en español.

Tuesday 13th of March 2007 10:49:31 AM

Me gustaría mejorar mi español. Hace seis anos que estudié español. He tomado cinco cursos (Primer a quinto nivel) a la universidad en Montreal.

Estoy buscando una persona que quiere aprender francés o ingles y que puede enseñarme español.

Muchas gracias.

Monday 26th of March 2007 03:29:14 AM
Wanna learn spanish and don't really know much of it. I know a bit, but i'm not near good enough to hold a conversation other than hi and how are you. :(

If you want to add me to msn messenger or what here's the things...
MSN messenger -
AIM - ManiacalPope
Yahoo Messenger - Man_ifeel_like_awoman

Sunday 13th of May 2007 09:57:03 PM
serbian: Здраво свима! I’d like to improve my Spanish. I took a course in Instituto Cervantes and this summer I’m going to finish A2 level. My goals are DELE exams. I am also interested in Spanish and Hispano culture and history. I’ll help you to improve Serbian and get to know my country and culture. Please, feel free to contact me only if you are sincere and serious!

Wednesday 25th of July 2007 12:37:45 AM
Hello! I am a beginner in Spanish. I will be glad if someone who knows Spanish well could help me with it. In exchange I´m capable of teaching you Czech or Slovak.

Thanks, Dave.

Tuesday 18th of September 2007 06:58:22 AM
Hola a todos!!!!
Soy mexicano y aprender idiomas es my pasión! Me encantaría ayudarles a todos!!! Si les interesa aquí les dejo mi correo. (por cierto, si tu lengua nativa no es el inglés me interesaría saber un poco) (Y estudio japonés de paso)

Hi everybody!
This mexican boy wanna help whoever who wants to! Here's my mail if you want (And if Ur mother thongue is not english I'd like to learn it) (now studying japanese)

Wednesday 19th of September 2007 02:32:32 PM
I'm a native from Spain, so if anyone needs help, just PM me and I'll try to reply back as soon as possible :D

Wednesday 14th of November 2007 05:20:58 AM
Intercambio: Hola,

Busco para unas personas practicar español. Soy inglés y mi español es basico y necesito practicar mi hablando y escuchando. Si quieres ayduarme, mandar un mensaje.

My level is upper-beginner. I can have basic conversations in the present tense but need to start learning the other tenses. I'd like to use Skype to practice over the internet, so if you would like to practice your English with a native speaker whilst helping me with my Spanish, that would be much appreciated.

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