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Tuesday 21st of February 2006 10:02:49 AM
Help for a beginner: no comprendo, is this 'I do not understand' ?
como se dice en espanol? how do you say in spanish?
como te llamos? what is your name?
Disculpe, necisito ajuda excuse me, I need help
tu amo mi bello esposa! I love you my beautiful wife!

Anyway, any help or corrections, or verification would be appreciated. Please give input in english though, por favor, gracias :)

Tuesday 21st of February 2006 12:02:08 PM
Some of those phrases are already in a thread.. and with sound clips.

To answer this...

[color=red]N[/color]o comprendo. - I do not understand.
[color=red]¿Có[/color]mo se dice en espa[color=red]ñ[/color]ol? - How do you say it in Spanish?
[color=red]¿Có[/color]mo te llam[color=red]a[/color]s? - What is your name?
Disculpe, necesito a[color=red]y[/color]uda. - Excuse me, I need help.
[color=red]¡Te[/color] amo[color=red],[/color] mi bell[color=red]a[/color] esposa! - I love you[color=red],[/color] my beautiful wife!I don't want to sound rude but... punctuation exist for a reason, and that is to make clear written expresion.
When I saw your last sentence (the Englis one), I first read "I love your my beautiful wife". Yes, I'm not so good at this, but I'd like to see native speakers know that it's an incorrect sentence. And... of course... why to post incorrect sentences if you are writing in your native?
The clearer the text, the easier to understand it, the easier to correct it. In other fora I'm often too lazy to give the English translation to what I'm trying to say. and.. natives know that doesn't help me, because it doesn't help them. I'm just complaining. Sorry. It was not a good day.

Tuesday 21st of February 2006 04:07:01 PM
Thanks for taking the time, it is greatly appreciated!: Gracias Javier, (Hopefully I am correct in assuming Javier is your name, and just to be considerate is it ok if I use it?) :) Thanks for taking the time to correct, and no it did not sound rude. Thanks for the help in english also, lol, you are so correct it needs a comma. Seems I should figure out how to use the spanish keyboard, please forgive the lack of spanish punctuation until then. Your tips are very helpful and are things I will now never forget. I will try again soon! :) I hope your day is better. Doug (Veelakhu)

Thursday 23rd of February 2006 09:16:09 AM
¡Encontrado el teclado espanol opcion! —I found the Spanish keyboard option! :D

¿Tu familia es de cuba? —Is your family from Cuba?

¿Como esta tu hijo? —How is your son?

¿Corriges mi espanol, por favor? —Will you please correct my Spanish? (could not figure out how to incorporate the question “will you”)

Gracias :)

Thursday 23rd of February 2006 12:06:39 PM
Originalmente dicho por Doug
¡Encontr[color=red]é[/color] [color=blue]la opción del[/color] teclado espa[color=red]ñ[/color]ol! — I found the Spanish keyboard option!
¿Tu familia es de [color=red]C[/color]uba? — Is your family from Cuba?
¿C[color=red]ó[/color]mo est[color=red]á[/color] tu hijo? —How is your son?
¿Corr[color=red]egirás[/color] mi espa[color=red]ñ[/color]ol, por favor? — Will you please correct my Spanish?mmm... will + stem of verb is a single word in Spanish: [remember that the pronoun can be ommited]
I will go = [yo] iré
You will be = [tú] serás
He will run = [él] correrá
This means we don't have an auxiliary that we change place to make the question. This means that
You will eat. = Comerás.
Will you eat? = ¿Comerás?

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