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Thursday 21st of June 2007 05:17:16 AM
help transtlating some pargraphs to spanish: Hi there I am a young college age student that is taking a begining level Spanish class. One of my bigger assignments right now is that I need to do some diary entries for each chapter of your book I am need to get 1 and 2 done for tommrow morning for my class.What I would like from you guys is after I get my entries wrote down on paper I would like to put them up here you guys to make sure everything sounds ok. And if not how I can change my spelling or grammer to make it sound correct. Each chapter has specific things is it is asking us to list. I will make sure to mention those before each pargraph. Please keep in mind that although I do know some Spanish I am still very new to it and not quite as good as I would like to be so my spelling grammar probably most certainly need some work. I kindly ask that you simply help me out and correct me in the way I should have wrote it as oppoused to jumping down my throat like some people have with me before. In similar situations, I will be posting up the entries later today when I finish them up.
I thank you for you time and for any of your help you are willing to offer.

Sunday 05th of August 2007 06:58:20 AM
I'm sure any of the native Spanish Speakers would be more than happy to help you out :D

Sunday 05th of August 2007 08:20:39 AM
Yo todavía tengo la duda de quién te saltó al cuello. Nunca nos dijiste.

Monday 06th of August 2007 06:16:11 AM
La mayoría de la gente aquí en Phrasebase son amables.

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