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Monday 12th of December 2005 10:49:09 PM
How do you sound in Spanish?: I was wondering if we could record this text, upload it on the web and post a link here in order to compare different spanish accents among native and non native speakers.

Javi has found this one on the web and I've just posted a piece of it. :)

[color=blue]En una gran mansión, rodeada de un inmenso y hermoso jardín, vivía Carlos, un niño de cuatro años.
Sus padres se pasaban el día viajando y cuando regresaban a casa, le traían a Carlos un montón de regalos.
En el mismo lugar, en una casita en el jardín vivía Luis con su familia. Su papá era jardinero y no tenían mucho dinero, con lo cual, Luis no contaba con la cantidad de juguetes que tenía Carlos. Sin embargo, la familia de Luis, le echaba mucha imaginación y construían juguetes con todo aquello que encontraban, cajas, plásticos...
Además con los juguetes que fabricaban se inventaban historias muy divertidas y tanto Luis como sus papas se lo pasaban muy bien...

After posting your link with your audio file tell us what country you live in, whether you are native speaker or not and if not tell us how long you have been learning spanish, what your native language is and so on.

I'll also post my audio file. :)

The first one has to be Javi. Go ahead! :D

EDIT: There are many sites where you can upload your files. I'm using this one:


Monday 12th of December 2005 11:40:37 PM
Native speaker here! I was born in El Salvador, lived there my first 5 years and moved to Mexico City. If I don't say anything about this, Mexicans think I was born here. No traces of Salvadorian accent in me now... not even confident to try to fake it. So the way I speak is characteristic of this city.

[color=purple]>>>[url=]Audio 1[/color]

Tuesday 13th of December 2005 11:55:52 PM
I came to Spain when I was almost 18 years old, and I've been living here for 13 years. I'm originally from Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina). My father tongue is croatian and my mother tongue is serbian. Before arriving to Spain I didn't speak a word of spanish. I live in Barcelona. Here is my audio file.

Llegué a España cuando tenía casi 18 años y he estado viviendo aquí durante 13 años. Originalmente soy de Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina). Mi lengua paterna es el croata y la materna el serbio. Antes de llegar a España no hablaba ni una palabra de español. Vivo en Barcelona. Aquí está mi archivo de audio.

[color=blue][url=]Audio file/Archivo de audio[/color]

Wednesday 14th of December 2005 08:02:38 AM
I am not native. I live in the United States, in the state of Indiana. We have a large hispanic population, which I find wonderful because of the diversity and cultures that I am exposed to. I learned spanish in school for 3 years, but I would like to learn a lot more. My native language is English.

[color=red]SECOND EDIT:[/color] Oh, ok, I guess it does work.
My Audio File

Gracias Javier

Wednesday 14th of December 2005 08:18:36 AM
What do you mean? I listened to it!!
Maybe because in this site you can only have a download at a time.

Wednesday 14th of December 2005 10:33:45 AM
I'm also not a native speaker (lol, but you'll realise that when you hear the recording :p).
Born and raised in Romania I speak Romanian as my mother tongue and I started learning Spanish about 9 months ago.

So how do I sound to you?
[url=]Audio file

Wednesday 14th of December 2005 11:30:31 AM
Well, good evening everyone... 11:28 pm right now...
Let me say that the non-native speakers sound native to me! :D The pronunciation also sounds perfect. Once I learn how to record and upload a file, I will give this a try... then everyone will really have a good laugh. I guess I will have to ask Santa for a microphone first :D

Wednesday 14th of December 2005 01:39:14 PM
¡Muy bien Lore y Aaron! Acabo de escuchar vuestras grabaciones. ¡Enhorabuena los dos! Tenéis muy buena pronuciación.

Saturday 17th of December 2005 12:28:22 PM
Hi everyone,

I hope you don’t mind me posting an audio file too...I’m far from being able to speak Spanish, but I do LOVE Romance languages…coming from Montenegro, native language Serbian, never been to any Spanish speaking country unfortunately :(, studied Spanish for two years in Canada for fun…a couple of my friends were from Colombia and Mexico so I had a chance to hear them speaking too from time to time...never had time or nervs to watch Spanish soap-operas fortunately or not? (people are crazy about them back home...even my grandma managed to learn some phrases while watching them! ;) )

My accent probably leans a bit towards Italian, but any comment on where I’m making mistakes and what needs improvement would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. Computers and i don't speak the same language often...apparently this page works only when you copy-paste it :(

Saturday 17th of December 2005 12:51:30 PM
Welcome to the forum, Dolores.
lol you are right: you speak fast! :D I think the English one is much faster than this one.
Your pronunciation is good too. I listen the same for all: aquello, and some words with letter r (as for lore, I only mention this points because those words spot in the recording, but it's a good pronunciation)

Saturday 17th of December 2005 01:10:24 PM
Thanks for pointing out where I'm making mistakes Javier :) English recording is too fast...i'll do it again :)

you should hear me speaking Serbian...I'm from the coastal region of Montenegro where people speak extremely friends here in Canada who are from former Yugoslavia just roll their eyes when I start talking :) took me a while until I was able to record properly files in Serbian for the forum here


Sunday 18th of December 2005 02:14:01 AM
That's my recording day:D (It's already the third one today)

So, I'm a native speaker of Polish. I've learnt Spanish for a few months but I haven't done it very seriously as you may guess from my activity in Spanish forum... I've never been to a Spanish speaking country. One more thing: I have a sore throat what you can clearly hear at the end.

Her's my recording:

Sunday 08th of January 2006 11:26:11 PM
I'll give it a go: Hola a todos! Me he disfrutado mucho de leer estos mensajes, y gracias a todos los foreros que hacen tan interesante este foro.

I'm not a native Spanish speaker (I live in the US), but I took my first Spanish class at the age of 16, my junior year of high school. I took Spanish in college, and have worked on it ever since (I'm 32 now).

Thanks for your commentaries.

Samtediou (David)

Tuesday 10th of January 2006 07:56:50 AM
Originally posted by samtediou
Hola a todos! Me He disfrutado mucho de leer estos mensajes, y gracias a todos los foreros que hacen tan interesante este foro.

I'm not a native Spanish speaker (I live in the US), but I took my first Spanish class at the age of 16, my junior year of high school. I took Spanish in college, and have worked on it ever since (I'm 32 now).

Thanks for your commentaries.

Samtediou (David)

¡Enhorabuena David! Tienes muy buena pronunciación. Además la entonación también es muy buena. :D

Marta and Dolores: Your files are not working. :(

Friday 13th of January 2006 04:16:39 PM
Origin country :Bosnia and Hercegovina
Current country(last 15 years): Croatia
Native language:Croatian
I have never been been living in spanish speaking country.

Thursday 19th of January 2006 10:01:12 AM
Tengo miedo... He encontrado que mi accento no se parece como sus accentos. Ay, es porque he aprendido español en clase, donde se enseña todos los accentos de mundo.

País origional: Los Estados Unidos
País currente: Los Estados Unidos
Idioma materna: Inglés
Hace un año y media que empecé aprender español.
No he visitado un país hispanohablante.

Saturday 22nd of April 2006 05:49:14 PM
OK, my post is not necessarily linked to this thread but I thought I shouldn´t start a new topic before knowing if anybody was going to be interested.

I was thinking, that we get a fair amount of opportunities to practice our written skills here in the Spanish forum but none for the oral ones. Therefore, how would you feel about starting a thread in which we would post recording of us talking/reading Spanish. The idea is © Aaron(Caramelicious), by the way, and I think it worked rather well in the French forum.
How does it actually work? Well, for starters we would select a text -it can be a book (probably one for which we could find the text online) or an article from an online newspaper or magazine (and this could be changed every week, thus keeping up the interest)- and start reading. Easch of us would read a couple of paragraphs and post the link to his recording in the forum. The next person would pick up from where the previous one left and so on...
Perhaps native speakers would be as kind as to listen to our recordings, spot mistakes and offer suggestions.

Well, what do you think? Can we get talking? Oh please, please, be interested. :)

Sunday 23rd of April 2006 01:12:33 AM
I've just been thinking about the same thing lately, ie. to try to record some and use the language more actively.:) That's something that I don't get to do much. That is, I do try to speak some Spanish, but I could be doing the same mistakes over and over as I usually talk to the wall...

To read a text is good for practising pronunciation etc., but maybe we could also try to speak more freely, for instance in a thread where there are exercises or questions or something that we answer, but we do it by recording the answer and the new exercise/question. Then we could practise listening skills as well as talking more freely.. Just an idea.

Anyway, I'd like to record something from a text, I just have to get by my fright of talking Spanish with others as I feel way out and even a bit further out, yes, somewhere behind that forest over there.. Mmm, no, behind that mountain behind that forest..

I have to do something about this sooner or later, so I say let's say sooner instead of later and count me in:)

Sunday 23rd of April 2006 09:38:17 AM
I would definately love to do it! Yes, in the French forum it did work for a long time. Then we started a chat all with speaking and no writing, that worked for a longtime, but then the French forum started to die out and people stopped using it. But YES. For the chat, I used HTML and made a code that would properly work for everyone, and then I tested it and when I saw that it did work I showed everyone how to record, unpload, and use the code. But it would be cool to do it for the Spanish Discussion, hopefully it would work nicely for everyone.

Monday 05th of June 2006 01:14:16 AM
Soy australiano, vivo en Sydney, mi idioma materna es inglés y ha estudiado español por a eso de un año y media. No ha visitado unos países hispanohablantes todavia.

Australian, not a native speaker obviously. Have been learning Spanish for about a year and a half, and I haven't been anywhere that speaks Spanish as of yet.

I'm actually quite curious about how Australian accents in Spanish actually sound... I mean, can Spanish-speakers tell an Australian from an American or Brit?

[url=]My audofile (Apoligies for the poor sound quality)

Wednesday 07th of June 2006 06:11:36 PM
hola! =o) he estudiado español solamente por dos semanas hace dos años pero entento hablarlo y ecriberlo aquí en PB, donde he aprendido mucho =o)

ps. soy italiano :D

aquí está mi fichero:

Friday 16th of June 2006 09:23:12 AM
¡Muy bien, Vito!

Lo único es que en español no existe el sonido [z] por tanto se dice "kassa" y no "kaza". Lo mismo con imaginación donde la G delante de una I o una E se pronuncia como una J en español y no como en la G en italiano.
Por cierto tu voz se parece mucho a la de Javi. ;)

Friday 16th of June 2006 07:00:57 PM
tienes razón Goran :D no he hecho caso de esos errores, muchas gracias por tus consejos! =o)

Monday 23rd of October 2006 01:31:49 PM
Vito tiene un tipico accento italiano.
Todos que entienden italiano te van a decir eso.


Monday 23rd of October 2006 04:25:55 PM
Maybe I should record myself as well? (A) :D :p

Monday 23rd of October 2006 11:53:58 PM
Originally posted by Psyche

Maybe I should record myself as well? (A) :D :p

¡Claro! ¿A qué esperas? :D

Monday 23rd of October 2006 11:57:37 PM
Jeje... ¡yo también quiero intentar! :D

Tuesday 24th of October 2006 12:20:17 AM
Originally posted by Danial

Jeje... ¡yo también quiero intentar! :D

¿Has visto este thread, Danial? :)

Tuesday 24th of October 2006 12:28:43 AM
Oh... sí. :) ¿Pero por qué? :)

Tuesday 24th of October 2006 03:42:17 AM
Originally posted by Danial

Oh... sí. :) ¿Pero por qué? :)

Por si quieres grabar un texto en las lenguas que sabes. :)

Wednesday 12th of December 2007 10:15:31 AM
I was looking through the spanish threads and I found this one. I went back over and I ... oh maybe I should do this in spanish lol ok...
lo hice una vez mas por que lo que esta aqui es de algo como 3 anos antes de ahora.

Yo aprendi espanol por un ano en escula ... en 2002 lol y despues de la gente y mis amigos en la comunidad. No he leido algo en espanol en 2 anos. Por los otros 3 despues de escula yo aprendi por escuchar. Ahora tengo la clase de espanol una vez mas y aveces es dificil pero aveces es facil. No me gusta la gramatica. Recuerdo el primer dia que hablé en la clase mi profesora... no sé si su cara era de estar contenta o no pero ella me pregunto muchas preguntas... Pero si:
Aqui esta:

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