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Saturday 17th of May 2008 04:37:13 AM
I wanna learn Spanish!: holla!

i need to learn spanish badly and asap! lol
i already know lots of spanish words, but i can't make sentences out of them. i just need to know these little words that combine everything into sentences.


Saturday 17th of May 2008 01:02:05 PM
Why is it so urgent? any special reason?

What about if you let us see how your spanish is, so we can try to do something to help you?

Sunday 18th of May 2008 08:49:33 AM
it's urgent because...well....there's no special reason. i just want to learn spanish so badly.

sure, check out my spanish first.

well, i can't make sentences! but i can understand spanish. i mean i know the point when i'm reading/listening something in spanish. me.

Sunday 18th of May 2008 08:59:23 AM
¿Por dónde epezamos, entonces? :)

¿Has estudiado antes? Por lo que dices, parece que no hay problema si escribo sólo en español.
¿Tienes algunas dudas en específico? ¿Algo que te cueste más trabajo?

Sunday 18th of May 2008 09:27:48 AM
i never studied spanish before. i'm just kinda used to it because a lot of words in my language are derived from spanish words. i don't understand every single word specifically.

i wanna learn starting from the basics.

i dont's understand the last thing you said. but to let you know, i don't have a job. i'm still a student, still in high school.

Sunday 18th of May 2008 09:36:55 AM
lol :D
Me cuesta trabajo = It is hard for me.

I was just asking if something was harder for you so we could try to tacke it first :)

Some time ago I tried to learn some Tagalog... and I didn't find them so "close". to me, they are VERY different despite some 5000 borrowed Spanish words. They were adapted and in some cases they were hard to recognize (by me, anyway).

So.. do you know how to pronounce Spanish words? Like... can you read (even if you don't undertand anything) of what I wrote in Spanish?

Sunday 18th of May 2008 09:51:35 AM

i don't see how "me cuesta trabajo" is translated as "it is hard for me". i thought trbajo means work. haha

spanish and tagalog are not at all very close, but if you know tagalog, spanish is not at all that hard. i don't have any problems with pronounciation. it's easy to pronounce words. it's like it's already in my background.
anyway, i'm ready to learn. i'm good with pronounciation, so i can just read 'em. :D

Sunday 18th of May 2008 09:55:01 AM
It is just like an idiom. You don't translate it word by word :)

Okay, I'll take it as if you do know how to pronounce the words (but you can prove it tome :D )

Do you know how to greet and how to introduce yourself? the basics only.

Sunday 18th of May 2008 10:06:04 AM
greet and introduce myself? i dont know...

hola! mi nombre es chever. estoy aqui para aprender español.

look, i can't make sentences. can you please teach me now? i only know basic phrases such as hello, good morning, thank you, you're welcome, please, etc. those commone words and sentences. can you teach me more?
how can i prove i know how to pronounce words in spanish?

Monday 19th of May 2008 12:30:11 AM
Bienvenido al foro Chever :)

You can record some sentences in Spanish and post them here, I'll tell you how you pronunciate it :)

Monday 19th of May 2008 11:58:04 PM
gracias avaldi.

i really want to learn spanish. can you teach me? :D

Tuesday 20th of May 2008 02:24:34 AM
If you mean help I can give a hand. If you mean to teach a full course then no :)
I'll try to teach a full course in the forum after exams, so in summer. Be patient and wait! :)
But ask me anytime, of course =)

Tuesday 20th of May 2008 11:38:01 PM
Hola chever, ¿como estas?
Creo que necesitas aprender [color=red]la[/color] gramática al comienzo para p[color=red]o[/color]der hacer frases.

Wednesday 21st of May 2008 12:13:42 AM
Guys, I can recommend you some good books for learning Spanish till I can teach some lessons in the forum.
There's a bookshop next to my street, and they have lots of books for foreigners. So I'll look for the nice ones and post their titles here. :)

Wednesday 21st of May 2008 02:04:36 AM
bummer. i'm looking for someone who can teach me spanish one on one and has patience. i'm not into books, though. thanks anyway avaldi. i'll try to wait for a full course lesson.

hi, fawzy. i'm good. you?
you're right, to start in grammar is the first thing. do you think you can teach me spanish?

Wednesday 21st of May 2008 02:28:39 AM
Gracias Avaldi! :)

Hi chever, I'm fine too, thanks!
Well, you shouldn't resolve to me when it comes to Spanish, I've only studied it for 1 month, but I have a head start with both grammar and vocabulary knowing French, but at the end of the day, I'm still an absolute beginner when it comes to Spanish! :D

What I suggested was that you try to study some Spanish grammar at first, then try building simple sentences on your own, of course it'd be really helpful if you had an exchange partner, but it'd be pretty hard to find one these day 'cuz everybody's busy with exams and all, but hang in there and soon enough you'll find an exchange partner ;)

In the mean time, you could check out those lessons posted there
Study a bit on the grammar, and try to practice here with us on the forum!

P.S. I've just noticed that Avaldi became the Spanish forum moderator, felicitación mi amigo! :)

Wednesday 21st of May 2008 08:48:02 PM
Gracias Fawzy! :)
¿Cómo te va? Hace mucho tiempo que no hablamos... :(

Thursday 22nd of May 2008 02:52:29 AM
De nada! :)
Meh, [color=red]más o menos = tirando[/color], estoy muy ocupado [color=red]para con[/color] los examenes que empiezan mañana, estoy un poco preocupado, pero luego [color=red]se puede hablar como quiere! puedo hablar cuando quiera![/color] (That's directly from French! :ha)

Thursday 22nd of May 2008 03:56:14 AM
Buena suerte, espero que te salgan muy bien y que saques muy buenas notas :)

Thursday 22nd of May 2008 01:13:21 PM
how do you become a forum moderator anyway?

Thursday 22nd of May 2008 09:21:04 PM
Well I'm pretty sure you have to be a native speaker of the language...either that or you would have to speak the language well enough to answer any questions people may have about grammar, different colloquialisms.

Friday 23rd of May 2008 10:53:50 PM
yes, and then what? you just become the forum moderator? how?

Friday 23rd of May 2008 11:32:39 PM
Mery is in charge of that. She has the forum admin privileges to to that.
Why do you ask?

Tuesday 27th of May 2008 07:36:46 AM
who's mery?
I'm just wondering.

Tuesday 27th of May 2008 10:07:36 AM
This is Mery:

She is in charge of the human resources here (besides some other things).

Thursday 29th of May 2008 08:22:38 AM
Who owns this site anyway? I mean who created it?

Thursday 29th of May 2008 10:34:29 AM
Jeff: [url=]

Saturday 31st of May 2008 05:03:14 AM
I think a great place to start and this is something that has helped me in the past is to watch a movie in english and have the subtitles in spanish or vice versa. I also came across this neat Instant messenger on the internet that does translations for you while you're chatting with another person. I thought it was pretty helpful too.

Friday 06th of June 2008 03:00:30 PM
thanks Javier. Now I know.

That's cool, Linguistfan...instant messaging with instant translation. hahaha.

Saturday 07th of June 2008 02:14:07 PM
Hi: I would also like to learn spanish

Monday 09th of June 2008 02:52:12 AM
Bienvenida al foro Maria :)

Sunday 06th of July 2008 05:51:14 PM
Hellow. My name is Wojtek and I from Poland.I'm new in this cheatsite. I look for persons who want write e-mails in Spanish language.I wait fot letters... besos;)

Sunday 06th of July 2008 09:05:56 PM

Tuesday 15th of July 2008 05:05:57 PM
Rosetta Stone: Hi

I'm moving to Spain after I retire (about 5 years yet) and I'm looking to learn Spanish before moving there. A friend of mine has recommended Rosetta Stone's online language learning course, however I'm not sure how effective an online course would be. Has anyone used it in the past? Is it any good?

Monday 26th of October 2009 12:49:27 PM
Re :: Just make sure you use a Spanish course [url=] LangLearner that offers a good step-by-step structured lesson plan that is enjoyable (with games and such). That way you will see yourself progressing from one level to the next, which will keep you motivated. Then you can also watch Spanish TV and find other Spanish speakers on the internet to practice with.

I recommend taking a look at [url=] LangLearner for some good general guidelines to get you started.

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