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Monday 23rd of April 2007 10:16:23 PM
Might be a stupid question...: Would watching Spanish Language Television help improve my Spanish?

Tuesday 24th of April 2007 04:37:47 AM
While I myself am not learning Spanish, I don't think this is a "stupid question" at all...

I think each person has methods of learning which benefit them to a different degree than other people. What I do think you can pick up from watching Spanish TV is an "ear" for the language. Different people speak at different speeds, with different accents and tonal characteristics, and I think watching shows in the language you're learning can help attune you to nuances of how things are said, which words/phrases tend to "run together", etc.

I think if you've got a basic grasp of some vocab and grammar (ie: you're not going in completely blank), and don't get intimidated by not knowing everything, watching shows can be a type of "mini-immersion" to Spanish for you.

Hope this helps a little...


Tuesday 24th of April 2007 05:07:41 AM
It is not a stupid question, of course.
But I think the real question should be How do I use Spanish language Television to improve my Spanish?
Because I don't think that, in order to improve your language skills, you can watch TV in the same way you do it in your mothwer tongue. Not if you are not in an advanced level.
What I do with Norwegian (the language I am studying) is to hear... and repeat little fragments I understand. If I don't understand, I try to imitate the rhythm.
If my grandmother is outside my room and hears me, she says I am crazy. But I think it helps me. I might not get everything, but that's not my purpose. I want to feel comfortable with the language.

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