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Thursday 13th of September 2007 03:36:14 AM
Quiero estudio EspaƃĀ±ol - un Sueco: iHola!
Mi EspaƱol es mal, pero yo quiero EspaƱol.

I study it now in school and I am very fast-learned, and I would love to meet a Spanish person, or South-american, or someone who has either read spanish or who're fluent, but anyone who just enjoy the spanish language... I am fluent in Swedish (naturally!) and I speak English, a bit german, and I understand Norweigan and Danish, can speak better Norweigan than Danish :)

So anyone who would like to be a little teacher, nothing advanced, just let me work on my spanish grammar... hehe

get in touch, and have a great day!

/Kris - La SuecĆ­a

Friday 14th of September 2007 12:36:56 AM
Hola Kris!!!

Well, I currently live in south america, so I think I could help you to learn spanish with neuter pronuntiation... :) In your profile I saw that you visited Slovenia once ago... can you tell me more of this? do you like also slavic languages? I can speak slovenian but not so perfect (having slov. roots) and can understand serbian, croation, slovak and others. So, keep in touch and whatever you want, I'm here, ok?

Luis - "La Colombia" :) He, he (in spanish to say this is funny; just say, "de Suecia"....)

Friday 14th of September 2007 01:16:36 AM
Originally posted by Itako

Mi [color=red]e[/color]spaƱol es mal[color=red]o[/color], pero yo quiero [color=red]aprender e[/color]spaƱol. [color=green](or quiero aprenderlo, so as not to repeat 'espaƱol')[/color]


/Kris - La Suec[color=red]i[/color]a
de Suecia = from Sweden
la sueca = the Swedish (fem)
el sueco = the swedish (masc)

Saturday 15th of September 2007 11:28:22 PM
I am very grateful for the correcting :)
And, Luis, send me a pm, and we can chat on msn or sth! :)

I was only briefly in Slovenia, passed through.. I don't know much about slovenian, but I love slavic languages, especially Croatian! :) Croatia was beautiful... give me a buzz, and we'll talk :)

/Kris - de Sucia

Tuesday 18th of September 2007 06:51:27 AM
Of course!!!!!
I'd really wanna help!!!! I'm mexican, and my region is well know for beeing an accent-free region! I'd like to learn quite a few words in germanic languages, I found them really interesting...
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