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Saturday 18th of February 2006 06:28:20 PM
spanish music: hey, does anybody know of some slow spanish music that i could download to help learn spanish? it can be a slow song or a artist that sings slow songs or even a kiddie sing along

Saturday 18th of February 2006 10:10:51 PM
Hi, i don't know where u can download this music from, but i can suggest a couple of singers (u'll have to do some "googling" :)

One is a Spanish group called AMARAL, the girl has a very clear voice ( i don't know if u'll like their style, though) I suggest some songs:
Te necesito.
Sin ti no soy nada.

Then there's a guy from Guatemala, Ricardo Arjona, he sings
soft songs, the music seems to be always teh same, but lyrics are interesting because they reflect real life stories and things.
Ok, hope u enjoy yourself, if i can think of anything else , i'll post it later.

Sunday 19th of February 2006 04:09:51 AM
As we say in Argentina, “La vejez no viene sola!!” :D ( Age doesn’t come on its own), i had forgotten i had these files somewhere in my computer (maybe they are a bit heavy to download, but well, too late for tears!!)
In passing, u’ll be able to listen to 3 different accents : mexican, spanish and argentinian.
Btw, i give u another group u may find interesting, it’s mexican : Maná.
Songs i suggest: well, there are many!!
But try these ones:
Rayando el sol.
Cachito.(cachito=a little bit)
Te solté la rienda.
En el muelle de San Blas.
Hope u like them.

Nb, when i wrote leading chilean singer, i meant chilean leading singer :)
Click here and enjoy yourself!

Edit: Some expressions u may need:

In Pobre Juan:

la migra= popular expression to refer to the Immigration and Naturalization Service(INS )
coyote= person tha helps smuggling ppl bt Mexico and the States
ni un clavo= not a dime
filo= hunger
se tronaron a Juan= they killed Juan

In No me nombres:

Para siempre no me nombres= ONLY IN THIS SONG AND ONLY IN THIS SONG, the author means “no te acuerdes jamás de mí” = olvídate de mí. ( yes it’s an odd way of putting it, we sometimes find this type of things in songs)

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