Spanish When Good Verbs Go Bad Sometimes Verbs Change Their Meaning In The Preterite.

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Sunday 09th of April 2006 10:42:36 PM
When Good Verbs Go Bad: I just noticed a couple of questions out and about of stating verbs in their past forms and their meaning changes.

Could we get a list going of those weird verbs?

As far as I understand, Saber (To Know a fact) in the pretérito,
Yo Supe
Tú Supiste
Ud. Supo
Nosotros Supimos
Vosotros Supisteis
Uds. Supieron
Those forms change to "__ found out."

This implies that "to know" in one instance of the past (The use of the preterite tense) means to "Find out."

Ella supo que hubo un examen en clase mientras pasaba por su vacación.
She found out that there was a test in class while she was on vacation.

Conocer means "To Know" a person or a place. In the Preterite:
Yo conocí
Tú conociste
Ud. conoció
Nosotros conocimos
Vosotros conocisteis
Uds. conocieron

This means "To Meet" in the Preterite. So,
La conocí el viernes pasado.
I met her last Friday.

I'm fuzzy on this one, but I believe Querer in the preterite implies "To try"
Yo quise
Tú quisiste
Ud. quiso
Nosotros quisimos
Vosotros quisisteis
Uds. quisieron

But I've never used it in this way before, in comparison to other verbs like intentar, and tratar (de).

Maybe a native speaker could help me compile this list or clear up any errors I made. This would have been a handy tool when I was learning the preterite, so maybe this will help someone else out :)

Monday 10th of April 2006 01:59:39 AM
Maybe a native speaker can help us here? :S

Wednesday 12th of April 2006 07:06:22 AM
A native? :p Awwww, so cute <3 *hugs*

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