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Monday 20th of February 2006 05:12:23 PM
written pronunciation: hey, i seem to learn quicker by studying phrases or words with the written pronunciation with it. dont know why but it works for me!
can some one help me out by getting some words/phrases and putting the pronunciation with them and sending them to me or posting them here?

Tuesday 21st of February 2006 01:40:22 PM
Hi :)
mmm.. my opinion on this.
It's nice that it works for you. Good luck with it. If you think it's helping you to learn, go ahead.
I personally disliek those transcriptions. In first place, because they are made up with English in mind.. and if you find English pronunciation difficult (not your case of course), it becomes a second problem.
Second, you'll learn those phrases.. good. But.. if you learn pronunciation from the beginning (Spanish is quite decent in this aspect), you'll be able to read out loud anything, and not only the transcripted ones.
Third. Check the "How do you sound in Spanish thread". If tell you the word rojo is pronounced as [and here I'm doing what I say I'll never do...] /roho/, that pronunciation won't be as in Spanish. Never. Because you'll be pronouncing with English r and English h. We'll understand... but.. well... maybe it's not my business.
But as I said in the beginning... if it helps you, then use it.
Maybe somebody will post what you need. Why don't you tell us the phrases you want? It'll be easier for the person replying, insted of come up with his own phrases, which may not be of interest for you. [Or.. are you interested in saying "In strong acid, the electrophile would be a proton and the reaction would be the exchange of the protons in the benzene ring."? :p]

Tuesday 21st of February 2006 02:22:52 PM
the reason: hey, ill keep in mind what you said though i also listen to spanish music (and sing to it) so i hear it too. i guess im looking for the following;
-i like to write poetry
-i like to play sport
-i like learning new things

those three but any others i'll be happy too.
i want those three so i can introduce my hobbies to someone!

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