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Tuesday 02nd of August 2005 11:06:48 PM
First lesson!: Sundanese is a part of Malay language! and useful in Province west-Java and Banten. same with Javanese language, Sundanese have their step of Honour in their language! To young kinds, to the friends, and partner, aqnd to the old man, Boss, and your parents! here i'll teach you a common language of sundanese! but still "Kingdom style"

How to say Hello In Sundanese.

Good Morning!
wilujeng enjing / WEE-LU-JENG EN-JENG

Good Afternoon!
wilujeng sumping / WEE-LU-JENG SUM-PEENG

Good Night!
wilujeng wengi / WEE-LU-JENG WENG-EE

How do you do!
Kumaha Damang? KU-MA-HA DA-MANG?

I'm Fine!
Abdi Damang! AB-DEE DA-MANG

Excuse me!
Parmisi / PAR-MEE-SEE

Where do you want to go?
Bade kamana kang (to ask a man)? BA-DE KA-MA-NA KANG
Bade kamana Neng (to ask a girl)? BA-DE KA-MA-NA NENG

where is your home?
Imahna teh dimana? EE-MAH-NA TEH DEE-MA-NA?

My home is In Bandung!
Imah Abdi teh Di Bandung! EE-MAH AB-DEE TEH DEE-BAN-DUNG

okey that's it enough for today! Sundanese have a Vocal : A,i,u,e,o,eu

Bandung as Capital City of west-java have a nice of Sundanese very nice of Sundanese!



Wednesday 24th of August 2005 03:55:37 PM
Is Sundanese easy to learn?

Thursday 25th of August 2005 01:38:24 PM
Yup it's easy! sofilos...: Is Sundanese easy to learn?

Ricky answer!<<<

Yes very easy! i've put the Sundanese lesson right! and it's considering to American-english pronoucation! so.. it's easy! learn it! cause sundanese people's so.. kindly!

Thanks to join in!

Ricky ernaldi Pratama
Indonesian Contributor.

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