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TAGALOG - Information and discussions about this Language Famiy.AuthorDate
Filipino - Aralìn Bilang Dalawa (Lesson 2)alequin092323rd Nov 2004
Tagalog PHRASES 01 - MOST COMMON EXPRESSIONSalequin092310th Feb 2005
Tagalog: Q & A - cokbg13th Feb 2005
FILIPINO PRONUNCIATION - Tamang Pagbigkas sa Wikang Filipinoalequin092321st Feb 2005
BASIC GRAMMAR - Tamang paggamit ng mga Salitaalequin092321st Feb 2005
FILIPINO ACCOUNTING TERMS - Just for laugh!!!senator1612th Apr 2005
Mga Pangkaraniwang Pangungusap - Common Tagalog Expressionsmaganda21st Apr 2005
Learing Tagalog - passionate_lady3rd Jun 2005
Kaibigan! Halika Usap tayo! - Friends! Come and Let's Talkmaganda10th Jun 2005
USE OF ADJECTIVES - Here are some rules on how to use comparatives and superlatives in tagalogka_death8th Aug 2005
Tagalog/Ilocano - Can someone help me learn Tagalog or Ilocano?lumpia2nd Sep 2005
Tagalog keyboard - Computer settingsstickbugg4th Sep 2005
I want to learn tagalog!! Help!! - jason81815th Sep 2005
Grammar Question - AffixesSk8More26th Sep 2005
Information on Filipino - Help me!Caramelicious26th Sep 2005
learning filipino - quicker learningwenkat27th Sep 2005
Talasalitaang Pilipino - Filipino VocabularyDawnlorraine4th Oct 2005
Filipino 101 - Dawnlorraine7th Oct 2005
Pagsasalin sa Wikang Tagalog - Translate English to Filipinomaganda24th Oct 2005
Untranslatable Tagalog phrases/sentences - perryv22nd Nov 2005
Learning Tagalog - A few helpful conversational phrases to kickstart your learningGan196827th Nov 2005
Tagalog stress marks - perryv28th Nov 2005
Tagalog slang and colloquial expressions - perryv28th Nov 2005
check out the popular song in the philippines!!!! - clea_kashmere1st Dec 2005
Mo or Ka - stickbugg9th Dec 2005
Game - Isulat ang susunod na salitaDawnlorraine14th Dec 2005
Ano ang unang sumagi sa isip mo? (What came first into your mind?) - Dawnlorraine14th Dec 2005
gusto kong nag-aral ang tagalog! - trying to learn tagalogorlandhillspolicedep23rd Dec 2005
TANONG KO LANG - clea_kashmere1st Jan 2006
help with tagalog??? - I desperately need help learning tagalogwedothatoutside3rd Jan 2006
Mga Bahagi ng Bahay - Parts of a House - Dawnlorraine13th Jan 2006
I want to learn Tagalog - Half-Bred19th Jan 2006
Rolling R - How to pronouncebigdon12820th Jan 2006
See what a stress can do to a word - Dawnlorraine21st Jan 2006
A couple of questions? - Sk8More22nd Jan 2006
Damn "Na" - Sk8More2nd Mar 2006
News - Balitang TranslaysonSk8More31st Mar 2006
Kumusta! - Eager to learn TagalogAussie_Pinoy878th May 2006
How do you say.. - quick question!orientalbeat16th May 2006
What does tambuk mean? - eunicosucks26th May 2006
Tagalog - will teach english to learn tagalogajmail644th Jun 2006
I need some help with tagalog (i think) - ur3minutesrup29th Jun 2006
help me.. - can you tell me what this means?kiwiflavor5th Jul 2006
I made a mistake - A very slight,dumb,funny,mistakeSk8More7th Jul 2006
Naman - All the meaningsstickbugg13th Jul 2006
Need help at learning Tagalog - FHA16th Jul 2006
Nang/Ng, Mayroon/Meron, Nasa/Sa - Same thing, or when to use them.stickbugg17th Jul 2006
lookin for someone to teach me to speak tagalog.. - azn_perfectii0n24th Jul 2006
HELP!!! - I want to learn TagalogNubian_Angel30th Jul 2006
Translation Correction - EazyE1st Aug 2006
HELP... Plzzzzzz!!!!! - I want to learn TagalogFHA2nd Aug 2006
Most common tagalog vocabulary - Former_Member2nd Aug 2006
please help me translate from tagalog to english - i think my husband is having an affairacuriouswife9th Aug 2006
Ligaya - translation neededLifein24th Aug 2006
can someone teach me tagalog? - seems unrealistic...chrislee12321st Sep 2006
Help this crazy unggoy Plse. - I need to learn tagalog??BenCoxsedge25th Sep 2006
Translate - EazyE12th Oct 2006
Maranao? or Tausug? - i want to learn Maranao and Tausug pleaseasianman2725th Oct 2006
some translations - word translationjayk2nd Nov 2006
nasaan? saan? - nana_7_fana5th Nov 2006
Need Tagalog teacher - possibly in exchange for Polish/Frenchpure63rd Dec 2006
Tagalog Translation - Looking for help translating this....sleepless8th Dec 2006
No English Translation for this sentence - Please try to translate to English.honeybums22nd Dec 2006
kasama ... - kasama ba ako sa party?kencillo24th Dec 2006
Exercises - Who feels like correcting my first exercises ?? :\\\\\\\\kencillo28th Dec 2006
New To learn tagalog - I want to learn Tagalog..and need your helpZahid30th Dec 2006
Introductions - Ang pangalan ko ay.. or Ako si... ?WerecoW8th Jan 2007
ANG-phenomenon in Tagalog?! - Linguist needs help on new uses of ANG in Tagalog!AlaskaDave2526th Jan 2007
kita - fronting kitaQcumber1st Feb 2007
i want to learn a visayan language - i\'ll be glad to teach italian n to learn a visayan language(no matter if its hiligaynon,cebuano or boholano).ja13920037th Feb 2007
Teacher - I want to learn TagalogEddieK13th Feb 2007
Please Translate this for me - TranslationKGilroy16th Feb 2007
Right books for Tagalog? - What books really worked for you?FutureSpy26th Feb 2007
Learning Tagalog - in need of grammar and spelling correctionsxhriis24th Mar 2007
Cebuano/Visayan - To learn Cebuano/Visayanmrfunny26th Mar 2007
Translation help - Translation pleasezackadoo11th Apr 2007
I Need To Learn Tagalog so Badly :) - RaMa19th Apr 2007
Ano Ang Pandiwa? - RaMa22nd Apr 2007
Ng and Nang - Anong diperensiya (what\'s the difference?)Oteselpe23rd Apr 2007
Gumising - I will wake you upjolin25th Apr 2007
Could somone please translate these sentences into Tagalog? - translationdayurensuf6th Jul 2007
Want to learn Tagalog - smokeandmist200625th Jul 2007
Seeking conversation partner - Not a teacher as such but someone to practice withbrendo_9112th Aug 2007
\"Parang nararamdaman ko na mahal na kita pero di ko masabi\" - galz12th Aug 2007
Alam ko na mali para sa akin ang mahalin ka ngunit di ko mapigil ang damdamin ko - galz13th Aug 2007
Tagalog teacher Needed - I would like to be taught TagalogVendii5th Sep 2007
pataas - Wondering what that means?Sk8More7th Sep 2007
LETS LEARN FILIPINO!!! - chever12th Sep 2007
learning Tagalog - moonbeam20071st Oct 2007
Will someone translate this quote? - help with translation from tagalog to enlishlostintranslation22nd Oct 2007
Conversational Tagalog for Foreigners - Common Words, Phrases, Expressions and SentencesDawnlorraine8th Nov 2007
Tagalog prefixes - How to learn prefix usage quickly (rules of thumb)?mercurynfo11th Jan 2008
please help translate - umano and tambahandonald_harvey9th Mar 2008
daw - understanding the \magdavie21st Mar 2008
need help with a phrase - beautiful girlgillygilly9th Apr 2008
Tagalog Café - A place for Tagalog speakers to sit back, relax, and enjoy conversing freely about anything in Tagalog...chever20th May 2008
[Translation of "Start"] - zenuz21st May 2008
Tagalog - Like a little sisAnonymous27th Oct 2008
Interview Needed - Searching for Interview with Muslim from Mindanaostickbugg3rd Nov 2008
Cultural differences - HuggingeRobin22nd Dec 2008
Happy Holidays! - Dawnlorraine24th Dec 2008
Verb Infix "-si-" - ?Keith22nd Jan 2009
i will help u in tagalog help me in english and nihongo - help each oderneldee_koh0424th Jan 2009
Translation of Tagalog Phrase - jhstephenson26th Jan 2009
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