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TURKEY - Discussions and about this country, culture, travel, etc...AuthorDate
Turkey's currency - Lira or New LiraCharonPlu1st Jun 2005
Istanbul-Turkey - the greatest monument of culture,history and faith and more...Osman19th Oct 2005
GÖKOVA - may i add ''GÖKOVA'' to the list?emere17th Nov 2005
recipe for koftesi? - Dolores30th Nov 2005
B a k l a v a - famous tastes (1)Osman25th Dec 2005
Turkish Delight - Lokum - famous tastes (2)Osman1st Feb 2006
Marmara Region of Turkey **completed** - Northwest part of Turkey with natural & historical beauties and more..Osman17th Feb 2006
Istanbul, where the continents meet.. ^under construction^ - Shining Sun of Marmara RegionOsman19th Feb 2006
Central Anatolia Region of Turkey **completed** - having been a witness to the transitions of important civilizations, it embodies assorted beauties.Osman24th Feb 2006
Turkey (ask your questions here!) - your questions are welcome!Osman5th Apr 2006
Turkish Coffee - famous tastes (3)Osman7th Apr 2006
Diyarbakır in Turkey - my hometown! i welcome you :)Osman11th Apr 2006
Turkish guys!!! - thanchanok22nd May 2006
National Football Team of Turkey!! - Road to Euro 2008Osman23rd May 2006
Black Sea Region of Turkey - welcome to the paradise where blue sea meets green lands..Osman31st May 2006
Turkish Flag and the Independence March - Türk Bayrağı ve İstiklal MarşıOsman7th Jul 2006
PSC Türkiye! - Phrasebase Song ContestOsman16th Mar 2007
Christians in Turkey - die_Sabrina22nd May 2007
Eurovision Song Contest - All about Turkish EntriesNorth0326th Jun 2007
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