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VIETNAMESE - Information and discussions about this Language.AuthorDate
Learn Veitnamese - Jeff29mca24th Jan 2005
TRANSLATIONS - My sentence:cheesyamoeba16th May 2005
To Breizh1: translate your words into Vietnamese - meimeihn29th May 2005
help with 'th' - sampsond28th Jul 2005
Voice of Viet Nam - audio Vietnamese lessonsquietaustralian21st Sep 2005
Is anyone interested in a word game? - Starting a word gameLandberg21st Sep 2005
Great Resource - Learning Vietnamese OnlineTroySoy215th Oct 2005
Leaning Vietnamese in Vietnamese - Come here to know more about Vietnameseiarna-alba24th Nov 2005
Verbs - List!klassasin12th Dec 2005
vietnamese - must learnsarah_ely15th Dec 2005
Vietnamese - I want to learn some Vietnamese..anxoveta3rd Jan 2006
word order of adverbs - detbarn4th Jan 2006
Make your question about Vietnamese here - phiendich5th Jan 2006
Vietnamese Language - Is anybody interested in VN language learning?vivientoo18th Jan 2006
please Help me learn vietnamese!! - \\Aussie\' s wish to learn vietnameseHessy22nd Apr 2006
Vietname is a beautiful country - lindabdn6th May 2006
Need to learn Vietnamese pronunciations - Have to talk to my girlfriends family, i need to learn!frankie_luvz_ha28th Jun 2006
help? - sarah_ely10th Jul 2006
tie^\'ng Vie^.t Nam va` tie^\'ng Pha\'p - gumleaf19th Aug 2006
In need of a vietnamese teacher - Vietnamesemugyver23rd Oct 2006
Vietnamese in general - nhiha19824th Oct 2006
Em ay noi gi? - what is she saying in this SMS? please let me know.netfish29th Oct 2006
Learning Vietnamese - could someone help me learn this somewhat complicated langauge?Visitor30th Oct 2006
Vietnamese Teacher Needed - Beginner Looking for a Vietnamese TeacherVisitor15th Dec 2006
Been there? - noi_nhun17th Dec 2006
How would you pronounce \"Nguyen\" and \"Tran\"? - How would you pronounce \"Nguyen\" and \"Tran\"?chinchilla25411th Jun 2007
Bách Viet people - Info regarding the era of Yue or Bách Vietjayoosan15th Mar 2008
VietNamese lesson - phuonglanbuithi15th Jul 2008
Yes We Can - I need to translate yeswecan24th Aug 2008
Please help me understand the complexities of Vietnamese - Help translate these ten complex sentences, so that I can compare different languages.tobykeogh25th Oct 2008
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