Welsh Does Any One Know Welsh It Is Not Like Wels Dont Exist I Mean I Never Heard Of Tagalog Before And It Is More Popular.....

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Tuesday 05th of April 2005 01:49:59 AM
does any one know welsh: grrrh i need help i might be moving to walews sometime this year but i dont wanna be picked on at school just cos io dont no " thier " language

Friday 17th of June 2005 06:26:20 PM
Trust me, you won't get picked on if you don't know the language!! Most Welsh people can't speak much welsh..if at all!!! I myself am Welsh and I know some basic phrases. I also have a knack for insulting people in Welsh lol!! My fiance is fluent in Welsh...its his first language. If I can be of any help, pm me or something!!
Take care!

Wednesday 24th of August 2005 11:04:03 AM
for a long time, the Welsh people were not allowed to speak Welsh in their schools.
I think they will be happy if you show an interest in learning their language.
pob lwc (good luck)!

Sunday 26th of February 2006 06:50:51 PM
It's not like you're going to be picked on. The lingua franca is English anyway but knowledge of a few phrases can earn you much goodwill from natives.

Bore da!

Wednesday 27th of September 2006 02:51:10 AM
For my sins I'm fluent in Welsh :P

Just kidding, I'm very proud of my Welsh heritage and the fact I can speak a rare (some would argue dead) language :)

It says in my profile that my native is Welsh, but I only did that to make it look good, both English and Welsh are my native since I grew up learning both of them at the same time.

Saturday 30th of September 2006 10:24:38 PM
You wont be picked on because you speak Welsh, the Welsh language is strong now days though.

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