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Saturday 25th of June 2005 03:10:45 AM
Northern Dialect: Does anyone know a good place online (or on CD) to learn Welsh in the northern dialect? My family is from Anglesey, and I'd rather learn Welsh the way they speak it. It seems that all of the teaching tools I find are southern.

Saturday 25th of June 2005 06:37:04 AM
http://www.menai.ac.uk/clicclic/ - this site is a good place to start, actually I think that is one of the only sites Iíve seen that has lessons in north Welsh.

Sorry I cant be of more help.

Monday 27th of June 2005 08:34:01 PM
Northern Dialect: Thanks very much! I'll check it out.

Saturday 23rd of July 2005 07:37:11 AM
The BBC was some lessons in North Welsh, you'll have to search for it though.

Friday 19th of August 2005 07:30:28 AM
cymdeithas madog: hi,
there's a group called cymdeithas madog, which holds a Welsh intensive language course every summer, mostly in North America (next year it will be in California)-it's the most jam-packed, exhausting, rewarding week you'll ever have in your life...many of the teachers are from N. Wales, and all are careful to include the N. Walean version of things if one asks! the website is www.cymdeithasmadog.org I believe.

Wednesday 24th of August 2005 11:06:21 AM
sorry, I was wrong: it's www.madog.org

Sunday 28th of August 2005 08:38:03 PM
What is the difference between North and South?

Thursday 29th of December 2005 06:37:16 PM
The Northern and southern dialects vary e.g milk is llaeth (south) and llefrith (north). However most welsh speakers understand the variations. There are many dialects which vary from one area to another, not just south/north.
I hope this answeres your question. Diolch.

The Colin and Cumberland page on the BBC has a choice between north Wales and south Wales.

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