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eliasbarley 23 0
I would like to learn english
rainbow zo 967 5
Exechage e-mail
lahcen 657 2
i teach arabic
any one want to learn arabic
medolink 468 3
spanish for english
I know english and I want to learn spanish.
crazyawsomeness 958 8
babyfatima 1,284 5
Spanish for English exchange.
English speaker seeks pen pal spanish speaker.
mdbham 1,090 2
Chinse for Spanish & Farsi
huang 542 1
French/Turkish for Spanish/English or Dutch
Murat 1,096 2
My Spanish or catalan for you english, russian or german :D
Luctos18 1,258 6
Aqiela 598 1
Learning shqip (albanian)
im looking for language exchange with albanian speakers
Lothy 777 1
I want learn Hungarian
Didi ck 692 1
My German- your Polish?
Feynman88 873 4
Norwegian, please (: spanish back
i really want to learn Norsk, if anyone help me, i know spanish and english
Jair 1,189 8
french plz ^_^
sola 709 3
Learning Russian in Russia!!
Enjoy Russian 1,227 11
My french / Arabic your Ouzbek
speak french and arabic, want to learn Ouzbek
hasta 493 2
Learn Real Persian(Farsi)
how to learn real Pesian as fast as possible
shahpour 612 1
My Spanish for your English
IELTS Speaking Practice
Victor001 773 4
I'm Norwegian - want to learn Spanish
Vaffel 755 2
PLZ someone help me with Norwiegen?? I will do English back??
JoshuaWarner68 502 1
teach me danish, anybody?
i'll give you my indonesian and japanese :)
hiei88 917 1
Vietnamese - English
neokipu 710 2
Teach me English p
olgapn 933 2
My Arabic for your English
lahcen 679 3
Swedish help needed!!
Nima89 637 2
korean please
i want to learn korean
halida 619 3
learn greece
my english your greece
lol_amine 732 9
Seriously Russian! I am turkish native speaker.
Languages learning...
sezercik 535 1
bahasa Indonesia
pertukaran bahasa
Bernardo 742 4
my portuguese for your romanian
my portuguese for your romanian
nunomoniz 793 3
English exchange
corruption 784 2
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