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Extinct: no
Family: Caucasian
Branch: Daghestanian
Continent: Europe
Country: Russia
Region: Southern Dagestan ASSR and Terek and Sulak river areas. Also spoken in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey (Asia).
Countries Where Spoken: 556,000 in Russia (1989 census). Population total all countries 600,959. Azerbaijan.
Countries Where Official: Russia
Native Speakers: 556,000
Speakers Total: 600,959
Phrasebase members who speak Avar at a native level: 0
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Three Letter Code: AVR
Alternative Names: AVARO, DAGESTANI
Summary: Bilingualism in Russian. North Caucasian is also called "Caucasian." Trade language. Cyrillic script used. Education in it for the first two years, except in cities. Newspapers. Sunni Muslim. Bible portions 1979-1996.

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