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Extinct: no
Family: Altaic
Branch: Trukik
Continent: Asia
Country: Iran
Region: East and west Azerbaijan, Zanjan, and part of central provinces. Many in a few districts of Tehran. Some Azerbaijani-speaking groups are in Fars Province and other parts of Iran. Also spoken in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Turkey (Asia), USA.
Countries Where Spoken: 23,500,000 in Iran (1997), or 37.3% of the population (1997), including 290,000 Afshar, 5,000 Aynallu, 7,500 Baharlu, 1,000 Moqaddam, 3,500 Nafar 1,000 Pishagchi, 3,000 Qajar, 2,000 Qaragozlu, 130,000 Shahsavani (1993). Population total all countries 24,364,000. Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey.
Countries Where Official: Iran
Native Speakers: 23,500,000
Speakers Total: 24,364,000
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Three Letter Code: AZB
Alternative Names: AZERI, TORKI
Summary: Distinctive dialect differences between the Azerbaijani of the former USSR (North) and Iranian Azerbaijani (South) in phonology, lexicon, morphology, syntax, and loan words. Teimurtash (7,000 in Mazandaran; possibly the same as Teimuri, Timuri, Taimouri) and Salchug (in Kerman Province) may be dialects. Qashqai is probably a dialect. Part of the Qizilbash merchant group speak the Afshari dialect, which is strongly influenced by Persian. The dialect spoken in Syria is different from Kirkuk of Iraq, and may be closer to Turkish (Osmanli) than to Azerbaijani. There is a gradual transition of dialects from Turkish to Azerbaijani from central to western Turkey. Language of wider communication. Vigorous. All ages. Speakers also use Western Farsi. Arabo-Persian script, Roman-based script and Cyrillic script; Cyrillic script in Afghanistan; Arabic script in Iraq. Poetry. Newspapers. Agriculturalists; pastoralists. Shi"a Muslim.

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