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Extinct: no
Family: Sino-Tibetan
Branch: Tibeto-Burman
Continent: Asia
Country: Myanmar
Region: South, central, and adjacent areas. Also spoken in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, USA.
Countries Where Spoken: Myanmar, Bangladesh.
Countries Where Official: Myanmar
Native Speakers: 32,000,000
Speakers Total: 32,301,581
Phrasebase members who speak Burmese at a native level: 69
Phrasebase members who speak Burmese at a conversational level: 69
Phrasebase members primary language they are trying to learn is Burmese: 93
Phrasebase members secondary language they are trying to learn is Burmese: 220
Three Letter Code: MYA
Alternative Names: Bama, Bamachaka, Myen, Myanmar
Summary: National language. 10 million second-language speakers. Many Mon and some Shan are monolingual in Burmese. Native speakers of Burmese seldom speak a second indigenous language. If they have one, it is usually English. Burmese script. Bible: 1835. Burmese dominates the nation"s publishing production. Myanma is the largest ethnic group; another is Baramagyi (Barua). Educated speech has many Pali borrowings. The Rawang people call them "Myen". SOV. Alluvial plains. Scrub forest. Sea level and higher. Peasant agriculturalists; fishermen; craftsmen; industrialists. Buddhist.

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