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Extinct: no
Family: Other
Branch: Artificial Language
Continent: Europe
Country: France
Region: United States of America, Caribbean, West Africa
Countries Where Spoken: United States of America, Caribbean Islands, West African countries
Countries Where Official: na
Native Speakers: 0
Speakers Total: 9,000,000
Phrasebase members who speak Ebonics at a native level: 0
Phrasebase members who speak Ebonics at a conversational level: 0
Phrasebase members primary language they are trying to learn is Ebonics: 0
Phrasebase members secondary language they are trying to learn is Ebonics: 0
Three Letter Code: EBO
Alternative Names: African American Venacular English,
Dialects: na
Summary: The word Ebonics was originally coined in 1973 by African American social psychologist Robert Williams in a discussion with linguist Ernie Smith in a conference about "Cognitive and Language Development of the Black Child", held in St. Louis, Missouri. His intention was to give a name to the language of African Americans that acknowledged the linguistic consequence of the slave trade and avoided the negative connotations of other terms like "Nonstandard Negro English".

In 1975, the term appeared in Ebonics: The True Language of Black Folks, a book edited and cowritten by Williams. Ebonics may be defined as "the linguistic and paralinguistic features which on a concentric continuum represent the communicative competence of the West African, Caribbean, and United States slave descendant of African origin.

It includes the various idioms, patois, argots, idiolects, and social dialects of black people" especially those who have adapted to colonial circumstances. Ebonics derives its form from ebony (black) and phonics (sound, the study of sound) and refers to the study of the language of black people in all its cultural uniqueness.

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