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Extinct: no
Family: Caucasian
Branch: Nakh
Continent: Europe
Country: Russia
Region: Chechen Ingushetia, northern Caucasus, west of the Chechen. Vladikavkaz (Ordzhhonikidze) is the main city. Nazran in the lowlands is an important market town. 64.6% live in rural areas. Since 1992 up to 60,000 Ingush refugees are reported to be in Ingushetia. Also spoken in Uzbekistan.
Countries Where Spoken: 230,315 mother tongue speakers (97%) out of an ethnic population of 237,438 (1989 census). Population total both countries 230,315.
Countries Where Official: Russia
Native Speakers: 230,315
Speakers Total: 230,315
Phrasebase members who speak Ingush at a native level: 0
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Three Letter Code: INH
Alternative Names: GHALGHAY, INGUS
Summary: Somewhat intelligible with Chechen--more so with contact. Many speak Russian as second language. "Ghalghay" is their name for themselves. From 1944 to 1957 they were deported to Kazakhstan and Siberia, losing 1/4 to 1/2 of their population, and have lost much land, economic resources, and civil rights. Many Russians, Ossetins, and Georgians live in Vladikavkaz--the Ingush were removed from there in late 1992. Grammar. Cyrillic script. Alpine highlands, plains. Mountain slope, foothills, lowlands. Hanafi Sunni Muslim.

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