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Extinct: no
Family: Indo-European
Branch: Indic
Continent: Asia
Country: India
Region: Jammu and Kashmir; Punjab; Uttar Pradesh; Delhi; Kashmir Valley. Also spoken in Pakistan, United Kingdom.
Countries Where Spoken: 4,391,000 in India including 4,370,000 Kashmiri, 21,000 Kishtwari (1997 IMA). 52.29% of the population of Jammu and Kashmir. Population total all countries 4,511,000. Pakistan.
Countries Where Official: India
Native Speakers: 4,391,000
Speakers Total: 4,511,000
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Three Letter Code: KSH
Summary: Bilingualism in Urdu, English. Literature can be traced to the 1400s, and poetry is important. Not used in primary education. National language. Grammar. SVO. Literacy rate in second language: Men 36.29%, women 15.88%; rural 21.63%, urban 45.56% (1981 census). Another source: Kashmiri 5%, Urdu 5%. Persian-based script. Mountain slope, valleys. Agriculturalists: rice, wheat, maize; craftsmen (weaving, carpets, carving, furniture, papier mache). 6,000 feet. Muslim, Christian. Bible 1899, out of print.

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