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Extinct: no
Family: Afro-Asiatic
Branch: Semitic
Continent: Africa
Country: Chad
Region: Central, Batha Prefecture, Ati and Oum subprefectures, and Chari-Baguirmi Prefecture, Bokoro Subprefecture. The Bilala are around Lake Fitri and toward the east to Ati. The Kuka are between Mo´to and Bokoro in Bokoro Subprefecture, and between Ati and Oum Hadjer. The Medogo are southwest of Ati.
Countries Where Spoken: 232,448 including 136,629 Bilala, 76,660 Kuka, and 19,159 Medogo (1993 census).
Countries Where Official: Chad
Native Speakers: 464,896
Speakers Total: 464,896
Phrasebase members who speak Nabatean at a native level: 0
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Three Letter Code: MNE
Alternative Names: NABATEAN
Summary: Related but not inherently intelligible with Berakou or Kenga. Lexical similarity between Bilala, Kuka, and Medogo is 99%. Some use Chadian Arabic as second language. One part of the Kuka ethnic group, who live near Oum Hadjer, have shifted from the Naba language to Chadian Arabic. Bilala, Kuka, and Medogo are 3 ethnic groups who share a common culture and speak essentially the same language, called "Naba" by all 3 groups. Muslim.

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