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Extinct: no
Family: Malayo-Polynesian
Branch: Western
Continent: Aisa
Country: Viet Nam
Region: Dac Lac and part of Phú Khánh provinces, centered around Banmethuot. Possibly also Cambodia. Also spoken in USA.
Countries Where Spoken: 195,000 (1993 Dang Nghiem Van). Population total both countries 195,000 or more.
Countries Where Official: Viet Nam
Native Speakers: 195,000
Speakers Total: 195,000
Phrasebase members who speak Rhade at a native level: 0
Phrasebase members who speak Rhade at a conversational level: 0
Phrasebase members primary language they are trying to learn is Rhade: 0
Phrasebase members secondary language they are trying to learn is Rhade: 0
Three Letter Code: RAD
Alternative Names: RADE, RADAY, RDE, E-DE, EDEH, DE
Summary: Bih (1,000) may be a separate language. The Krung 1 dialect is different from the Bahnaric language Krung 2, in Cambodia. Other names of dialects or ethnic groups: Ktul, Dlie, Rue, E-pan, Dong Kay, Arul, Kah. An official ethnic community in Viet Nam. Investigation needed: intelligibility with Bih. Literacy rate in first language: 10% to 30%. Literacy rate in second language: 50% to 75%. Christian, traditional religion. NT 1964.

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