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Extinct: no
Family: Indo-European
Branch: Romance
Continent: Europe
Country: Switzerland
Region: Borders of Switzerland, Austria, Italy; GraubŁnden Canton, Grisons valley of Surselva, valley of Voderrhein; Engadin and Val Mustair, southeast Switzerland.
Countries Where Spoken: 40,000 or 0.6% of the population (1990 census).
Countries Where Official: Switzerland
Native Speakers: 40,000
Speakers Total: 40,000
Phrasebase members who speak Romansch at a native level: 0
Phrasebase members who speak Romansch at a conversational level: 0
Phrasebase members primary language they are trying to learn is Romansch: 0
Phrasebase members secondary language they are trying to learn is Romansch: 0
Three Letter Code: RHE
Summary: Friulian, Ladin, and Romansch are separate languages (R. A. Hall, Jr., personal communication 1978). 78% lexical similarity with Italian and French, 76% with Catalan, 74% with Spanish, Sardinian, and Portuguese, 72% with Romanian. Speakers are bilingual. Standard German is the language of instruction in school. An official written language is in common use now, called Grischuna. Official language. All dialects taught in school. Newspapers. Bible 1679-1953.

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