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Extinct: no
Family: Indo-European
Branch: Indic
Continent: Asia
Country: Sri Lanka
Region: All parts of Sri Lanka except some districts in the north, east, and center. Also spoken in Canada, Maldives, Midway Islands, Singapore, Thailand, UAE.
Countries Where Spoken: 13,190,000 in Sri Lanka, 72% of the population (1993) to 15,000,000 possibly including second language users (1997). Population total all countries 13,220,000. Singapore.
Countries Where Official: Sri Lanka
Native Speakers: 13,190,000
Speakers Total: 13,220,000
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Three Letter Code: SNH
Summary: There is a great difference between the literary and the colloquial language. The Rodiya dialect is spoken by low caste Rodiya people. National language. Dictionary. Grammar. SOV; 7 long vowels, 7 short vowels, 24 consonants, including 4 which are prenasalized; gender, number, and case agreement between subject and verb in literary Sinhala. Sinhalese script, which is syllabic. Earliest writing dates to 3rd century B.C. Buddhist. Bible 1823-1982.

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