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Extinct: no
Family: Indo-European
Branch: Illyric
Continent: Europe
Country: Albania
Region: Mainly south Albania to the Shkumbi River. Also spoken in Belgium, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Sweden, Turkey (Europe), Ukraine, USA.
Countries Where Spoken: 2,900,000 in Albania (1989). 3,202,000 in Albania including Gheg (1989), 98% of the population (1989). Population total all countries 3,000,000 for Tosk, 5,000,000 for all Albanian (L. Newmark and WA 1999). Turkey.
Countries Where Official: Albania
Native Speakers: 2,900,000
Speakers Total: 3,000,000
Phrasebase members who speak Tosk at a native level: 0
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Three Letter Code: ALN
Summary: Reported to be inherently unintelligible with Gheg Albanian and partially intelligible with Arvanitika Albanian of Greece. Not intelligible with ArbŰreshŰ of Italy. Tosk has been the basis of the official language for Standard Albanian since 1952. It is used in schools. The Jevgjit claim to be Egyptians, but may be assimilated Roma. National language. Grammar. SVO. Deciduous forest. Coastal, mountain slope. Peasant agriculturalists; animal husbandry: sheep, petroleum workers. Sea level to 800 meters. Muslim, Christian (Orthodox). Bible 1993.

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