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Extinct: no
Family: Uralic
Branch: Finnic
Continent: Europe
Country: Russia
Region: Udmurtia, 1,000 km. northeast of Moscow, bounded by the Kama and Cheptsa rivers, near the Ural Mts. Izhyevsk (Ischewsk) is the capital. Also spoken in Kazakhstan.
Countries Where Spoken: 550,000 mother tongue speakers (77%) out of an ethnic population of 750,000 in the former USSR (1989 census). Population total both countries 566,000.
Countries Where Official: Russia
Native Speakers: 566,000
Speakers Total: 566,000
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Three Letter Code: UDM
Alternative Names: VOTIAK, VOTYAK
Summary: Bilingualism in Russian. The Besermyan are Udmurt-speaking Tatar. Agriculturalists. Christian, traditional religion, secular. Bible portions 1847-1995.

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