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C_david speaks Spanish and is learning French

Learning English English | Phrasebase Member C_david speaks Spanish and is learning French

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Member: C_david
  C_david was born and raised in Venezuela Venezuela
Account: Premium Members Currently resides in Zulia, Maracaibo, Venezuela Venezuela
Joined: April 18th, 2005 Purpose: Language Exchange Partner
Online: 48 months ago Native Speaking Language: Spanish Spanish


[url=http://es.geocities.com/c_david_her/ppc_d.htm][color=purple]|:.:|C_david|:.:|[/color] Click to see my own profile.[/url]
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Learning English English
Learning French French
Learning Italian Italian
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Learning French French
Learning Russian Russian
Learning Italian Italian
Learning Portuguese Portuguese

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Brazil, Colombia

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Brazil, Denmark, France, Italy, Norway, United Kingdom

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There you can send a message to my phone: (0416) 2694230 ;-)
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 13, 1989 - 26 years old
Occupation: Student
Biography: Tengo 20 años y me gustan los idiomas desde los 13 cuando empecé estudiar portugués y luego francés (por desgracia los olvidé por falta de práctica). Mi meta es aprender al menos 12 idiomas, me encantan la rama itálica y la eslava, Ahora (12-27-09), estoy terminando un curso de francés.

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Travel Help: C_david indicated that he might be able to help fellow Phrasebase members with ideas about things to do and places to visit if they travel to Venezuela.

Accommodation Help: C_david indicated that he might be able to help fellow Phrasebase members with accommodations if they travel to Zulia, Maracaibo Venezuela by providing a couch, sofa, airbed, mattress or extra bed at his home for a few days.

Housemate Compatibility: --->What are your interests?

--->What type of people do you like?

--->Do you prefer male or female guest?

--->What type of home do you live in?
--->How many people live with you?
--->Do you have any pets?
--->How do you feel about smoking?
Don't like
--->Do you rise early? Go to bed late?
Never mind
--->What part of town do you live in?
South Center
--->Is public transportation nearby?
Yes, it is!
--->Fun things to do around town?

--->Anything else to mention?

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