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Dominick_Korshanyenko speaks English and is learning

Learning English English | Phrasebase Member Dominick_Korshanyenko speaks English and is learning

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Member: Dominick_Korshanyenko
  Dominick_Korshanyenko was born and raised in United States United States
Account: Premium Members Currently resides in Pământul Lacurilor, Florida, United States United States
Joined: June 16th, 2007 Purpose: Language Student, Language Teacher, Exchange Partner
Online: 109 months ago Native Speaking Language: English English

"I may be blind but it is you who cannot see!" Teiresias Oedipus the King, Sophocles
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Learning Spanish Spanish
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Learning French French
Learning Italian Italian
Learning Spanish Spanish
Learning French French

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Gender: Male
Birthday: January 07, 1993 - 17 years old
Occupation: Student
Biography: Hi, my name is Kenny and I live in the United States. For the past couple years I have been extremely interested in learning other languages and have pretty much tried them all from Albanian- Zulu ;) I speak English fluently and can have long conversations in Spanish or Russian. At the moment I managed to narrow down the languages I wan to learn to four. Japanese, Romanian, Italian, and Bulgarian if you can help me with any of these than I would be extremely grateful. I'm glad that I found Phrasebase and have me many wonderful people! So hi!

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