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finntrollistah speaks Arabic and is learning Finnish

Learning English English | Phrasebase Member finntrollistah speaks Arabic and is learning Finnish

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Member: finntrollistah
  finntrollistah was born and raised in Morocco Morocco
Account: Member Currently resides in Mohammedia, Morocco Morocco
Joined: February 07th, 2011 Purpose: Language Student, Language Teacher, Exchange Partner
Online: 92 months ago Native Speaking Language: Arabic Arabic


Diem Quam Minimum Credula Postero, Quilibet Fortunae Suae Faber ... "Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future, everyone is the owner of his futur"
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Learning French French
Learning Spanish Spanish
Learning English English
Learning Italian Italian
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Learning Finnish Finnish
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Learning Danish Danish

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Kuningas Valhalla
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Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Japan

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Gender: Male
Birthday: June 21, 1983 - 29 years old
Biography: Hei! I'm from Morocco, graduated in Spanish literatures, and I speak Amazigh 'cause I dont like say "Berber" and of caurse I speak Arabic, French and Spanish perfectly ... English a bit and Italian... I love meet people and exchange my own knowledge with them, so to me participating in this forum is a great occasion especially with a Nordic countries as Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland... so if someone is interested to teache me I'll be very grateful!!! And of cours in other hand, if I could help you somehow with my skills, just ask I'll be happy to help you!!! __________________________________________ Olen Marokosta, minulla on yliopistotutkinto espanjan kielestä ja puhun arabiaa, ranskaa ja espanjaa täydellisesti.. englantia, suomea ja italiaa hieman. Pidän ihmisten tapaamisesta ja kokemuksieni vaihtamisesta heidän kanssaan, joten tällä osan ottaminen tällä forumilla on hieno tilaisus minulle etenkin Norjan, Ruotsin, Tanskan ja Suomen kanssa... eli jos joku voisi opettaa minua olisin todella kiitollinen!! Ja tietenkin jos voisin auttaa teitä jotenkin taidoillani, kysy vain niin autan mielelläni!! Kiitos =_=

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Travel Help: finntrollistah indicated that he might be able to help fellow Phrasebase members with ideas about things to do and places to visit if they travel to Morocco.

Accommodation Help: finntrollistah indicated that he might be able to help fellow Phrasebase members with accommodations if they travel to Mohammedia Morocco by providing a couch, sofa, airbed, mattress or extra bed at his home for a few days.

Housemate Compatibility: --->What are your interests?
Music, Poetry, walking...

--->What type of people do you like?
Funny one!!!

--->Do you prefer male or female guest?

--->What type of home do you live in?

--->How many people live with you?

--->Do you have any pets?

--->How do you feel about smoking?

--->Do you rise early? Go to bed late?

--->What part of town do you live in?

--->Is public transportation nearby?

--->Fun things to do around town?

--->Anything else to mention?

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