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goabroadchina speaks Mandarin and is learning Mandarin

Learning English English | Phrasebase Member goabroadchina speaks Mandarin and is learning Mandarin

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  goabroadchina was born and raised in China China
Account: Member Currently resides in , China China
Joined: November 28th, 2011 Purpose: Language Teacher, Language Exchange Partner
Online: 47 months ago Native Speaking Language: Mandarin Mandarin


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Learning English English
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Learning Mandarin Mandarin

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Gender: Female
Birthday: 11, 1997 - 20 years old
Biography: Integrate Eastern and Western culture by venturing to Beijing, Shanghai, or Nanjing with Go Abroad China Ltd. These international academic studies programs offer Chinese language courses at different levels throughout the year. Worldwide participants who join the program will have a chance to study in one of China's many prestigious Language schools. Go Abroad China is a leading provider of paid internships in China. With over 13 years of experience, more than 600 established partnerships, over 2000 internship placements to choose from, GAC provides participants with invaluable and exciting experience through the Internship in China Program. Over 900 talented undergraduates, graduates and young professionals from over 50 countries have joined GAC Internship in China program.  Your placement will be based on your sector and background, but tailored to your interests and goals. GAC takes the uncertainty and difficulty out of coming to China. We take care of all the necessities before you arrive and continue to provide wide-ranging services after arrival, leaving you to do internship work, explore the culture and have fun interacting with local people and other foreigners living abroad.  Join us in China; we are certain you will enjoy an educational experience that will be profoundly rewarding and certainly unforgettable.  Why intern with Go Abroad China? • A best suitable professional internship placement with salary guaranteed  • An All-Inclusive Service Pack • Nice housing accommodation  • Electives, excursions and trips • Visa assistance, pre-departure assistance and onsite orientation • Airport transfers • Networking and cultural events • Certificate upon completion and credit transfer And more… • Continuous feedback about your progress and performance from intern company  • 24/7 Onsite support from GAC professional staff  • Chinese language courses, exciting electives, tours, parties  • Social networking events  • Get a reference letter and establish contacts for your future career • No Risk Payment Policy and Best Competitive Price For further information please visit our website at : http://www.goabroadchina.com/ or contact us: Toll free: 1-800-314-2508 Email: inquiry@goabroadchina.com What’s app: +86-1561 161 8596 Skype: goabroadchina1

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Travel Help: goabroadchina indicated that she might be able to help fellow Phrasebase members with ideas about things to do and places to visit if they travel to China.

Accommodation Help: goabroadchina indicated that she might be able to help fellow Phrasebase members with accommodations if they travel to China by providing a couch, sofa, airbed, mattress or extra bed at her home for a few days.

Housemate Compatibility: Go Abroad China Foundation is a non-profit, comprehensive, affordable, service-oriented study abroad organization founded on the precepts that the best way to learn Chinese language and culture is through immersion in a Chinese environment and that coming to China should be fun and exciting.

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