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isaiclaudio0526 speaks English and is learning Albanian

Learning English English | Phrasebase Member isaiclaudio0526 speaks English and is learning Albanian

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Member: isaiclaudio0526
  isaiclaudio0526 was born and raised in United States United States
Account: Member Currently resides in milwaukee, wi, United States United States
Joined: March 27th, 2011 Purpose: Language Student
Online: 121 months ago Native Speaking Language: English English


1.basketball, video games, my kids, my girlfriend, 2. i like everyone that has a positive personality and knows what they want in life. 3.i have no problem with neither gender. 4.me and my girlfriend and 2 kids live with me 5.i have no pets at the moment but planning on getting a dog really soon. 6.i'm a smoker i hate the habit but its hard to get off. 7.i wake up early alot but i also go to bed very late almost every night. 8. i live in milwaukee its ok to live here but the weather sucks one day it can be really hot and the next it could b snowing you never know what weather will be in stored for each day. 9.yes public transportation is located everywhere in milwaukee. 10. theres really not alot of big attractions here in milwaukee wisconsin i mean we have an arena that always has concerts and stuff like that but there's not much to do here unless you enjoy festivals and stuff besides that nothing too big.
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Learning Albanian Albanian
Learning Spanish Spanish

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Instant Messaging Accounts: isai_claudio@yahoo.com

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Puerto Rico

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Albania, China, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

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United States

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Gender: Male
Birthday: May 26, 1987 - 23 years old
Occupation: unemployed at the moment
Biography: i have a girlfriend that i'm planning to spend the rest of my life with. and she speaks albanian and i really want to learn her language. her parents speak it and so does the rest of her family. so when i meet them i want to be able to actually talk to them without her translating. so if anyone can teach me this language it will mean the world to me.

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