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lizeth speaks English and is learning

Learning English English | Phrasebase Member lizeth speaks English and is learning

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Member: lizeth
  lizeth was born and raised in United States United States
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Hello my name is Lizeth Huaroto and im interested in learning japanese and making friends with plp i can also teach you spanish and english. please e-mail me
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Learning Spanish Spanish
Learning Japanese Japanese
Learning Japanese Japanese
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Learning Japanese Japanese
Learning Japanese Japanese

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Gender: Female
Birthday: February 11, 1986 - 29 years old
Occupation: Work
Biography: My name is Lizeth Huaroto. and i would like to like to practice on my japanese speech and learn more kanji and make some japanese friends online my hobbies are vollyball,soccer,football,skating,skate,play with my girl kitten,listen to music and i love to draw, but most of the time im working or with friends, my online hours are weekday nights and all mornign and night weekends. if you are interested in learnign english or spanish wich is my other native language please e-mail me or add me to your list and i will reply to your e-mail or talk with you on the messenger. (100%) please e-mail me at soniphoo11@hotmail.com thanks bye bye

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