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Peter_fra_Oz speaks English and is learning

Learning English English | Phrasebase Member Peter_fra_Oz speaks English and is learning

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Member: Peter_fra_Oz
  Peter_fra_Oz was born and raised in Australia Australia
Account: Member Currently resides in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Australia
Joined: September 6th, 2004 Purpose: Language Exchange Partner
Online: 131 months ago Native Speaking Language: English English

Jeg er ikke mer tilgjengelig, Marjas mann for evig
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Learning Czech Czech
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Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Fiji Islands, France, Germany, Greece, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

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Australia, United States

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Learn any language for free
Gender: Male
Birthday: 00, 0000 - 39 years old
Occupation: Telecommunications and I.T. Analyst
Biography: I always wanted to study a Scandinavian language such as Norwegian, or Swedish. The only class that came close was German. So I took that. I have not used my German for a long time and it has sadly gotten worse over the years. In college, again I could not find any Scandinavian offerings so I decided to take Japanese. Although an easy language for me to speak, when it came time to make a decision to continue on I declined to concentrate on finishing my degree(s) in Business, Economics, and Information Systems. Spanish I was exposed to due in part to having lived in close proximity to Mexico. I am deciding to just go ahead and study Norwegian on my own. Although my family has an island named after them in Denmark, Norwegian is very close and easier for English ears who have long forgotten the old mother-tongue of Danish to make out the words due to the Danish accent. I will learn Danish after Norwegian. Off site my time is spent with my greatest love, Victoria

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