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tmoon speaks English and is learning French

Learning English English | Phrasebase Member tmoon speaks English and is learning French

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Member: tmoon
  tmoon was born and raised in United Kingdom United Kingdom
Account: Premium Members Currently resides in Sheffield, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Joined: November 6th, 2004 Purpose: Language Exchange Partner
Online: 134 months ago Native Speaking Language: English English

http://tommoon.fotopic.net - my pictures site. Around 3000 of my photos that you can download, print off, stick up on your wall and pretend that they're yours :) http://www.hospitalityclub.org - accommodation-sharing organisation and even better than chocolate-covered sex. My username there is "tmoon"
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Learning German German
Learning Dutch Dutch
Learning Swedish Swedish
Learning Thai Thai
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Learning French French
Learning Spanish Spanish
Learning Estonian Estonian
Learning Japanese Japanese

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United Kingdom, Isle of Man, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Poland, Lithuania, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia And Montenegro

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United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Belgium, Estonia, Netherlands, Germany

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A pics site, adding to it all the time!
Gender: Male
Birthday: February 23, 1985 - 26 years old
Occupation: University student
Biography: I'm English, but moved to the Isle of Man when I was 16. I spend most of my time back in England at Sheffield Uni, but I have also spent a year or so living between Utrecht (NL), Frankfurt (DE) and Pärnu (EST). In June I finish my degree, I'll be FREE!!!!! but don't know where to live yet. The four main options are Frankfurt, Paris, Tallinn, Vilnius or Haifa, but I'll keep you posted. P.S. The three foreign languages I speak the best (Dutch, German and Swedish) are actually the ones I'm learning at the moment, not the three which I've put down as 'like to learn' (French, Spanish, Estonian)... strange situation, but the website is a bit limiting here :).

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