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New Approach To Language Learning

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How does Phrasebase Work?

Step by step instructions on how you an use Phrasebase to become conversationally proficient in a foreign language in the shortest time possible with the least amount of effort. If you can not comprehend these instructions, then you will probably not enjoy utilizing Phrasebase to help you learn a foreign language.

Step 1: As a Logged-In Member, browse through the Words and Phrases section of Phrasebase to identify the items you want to learn.

Step 2: While browsing through Words and Phrases, tick the checkbox of items you think are important to memorize. Then select the "Add to Your Collection" button along the bottom of the page to copy those items over to your Collection of favorites.

Step 3: Your Collection of favorites is a comprehensive list of Words and Phrases that you gather up and categorize according to how important it is to memorize in the language you have targeted to learn. Sort the importance items by clicking the colored circle to indicate Critical, Important, Moderate and Already Know.

Step 4: Create your own personalized Phrasebook and Wordbook by using items from your Collection. Tick the checkbox of the items you want to move over, and then select the "Move Selected Items To Your E-Book" buttom at the bottom of the page. You are limited to only moving over 500 words and 500 phrases total.

Step 5: The purpose of steps 2,3 and 4 above is to create your own personalized Phrasebook and Wordbook of the top 1000 words and phrases that are most critical for you to memorize in order to learn your target language. Phrasebase is built on the premise that you only need to memorize 500 key words and 500 key phrases in order to be conversational in any language. Your challenge is to see if you can determine what those 1000 tranlations are, so you don't waste time learning non-essential words and phrases.

Step 6: Once your wordbook and phrasebook are completed, you can use the Memorize application to self-quiz yourself as often as required to reinforce memorization of your words and phrases.

Step 7: Continually track and manage your Progress so you can see how well you are doing.

Step 8: Enable your E-Mail Scheduler to create a time-based schedule for memorizing your phasebook and wordbook. Periodic e-mails containing translations will help reinforce what you need to memorize.